Friday, June 5, 2009

Savannah....and Countdown.

Hi Everyone....

Firstly, sorry for the delay in getting this latest blog to you.
It has been very busy for us and the countdown is on for the last leg of our tour.

I want to say firstly that all our thoughts, hearts, music and prayers are with all the people on the Air France flight and their families. A very good friend of ours, Eithne Walls and two of her friends were on that flight. We are thinking of them and their families every day.

We had a week off to recharge and have since done shows in Fort Myers, West Palm Beach, Savannah, Charlotte and Roanoke.
It is always lovely to get back to Savannah, it has such an atmosphere, beautiful places to go eat and browse with such gorgeous architecture.
There is also a lovely tune called The City of Savannah, it's very fitting for the place as it's very beautiful.

We are now going into five back to back concerts in different cities every night so it is quite busy and also the end of the tour is in sight.
It has been a great one and the audiences have been phenomenal.

I want to say a huge thank you to all our fans for your support, and for all your generous gifts throughout the tour, especially for our birthdays.
You were far too generous, and the gifts have and will be put to great use!

Every tour I have met so many young musicians and this tour has been no exception.
I have met so many budding violinists/ fiddlers and it really is an honor to be, in some way, a source of encouragement and inspiration to them. I have to say, the honor is all mine, and it makes everything worthwhile to see that and to bring happiness into peoples' lives.

Thank you also for the concern about my knee, it is fine and holding up pretty well!
I am privileged to be doing what I love to do and I know we all feel the same about that no matter how tired we become. We never lose sight of our audiences and we love performing for you all every night!

One of my birthday gifts this year is a bow from the maireadnesbittforum!
I'm hoping to play with this bow in the encore at our last two concerts in Colorado.
That's the plan anyway, I do have to get used to it first as I am so attached to my bow that I use all the time, but I'll see how I get on coming up to those dates!
I will be blogging again before the end of the tour so will keep you posted!

Thank you all again and will see you all before the end of the tour!

Le grá,