Saturday, November 20, 2010


Hi Everyone!

Just wanted to send one last blog before the Holidays and wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving coming up.

As you all know, the Australian Tour just done is our last tour with the lovely Lynn. She has a lovely message at which I'm sure you have all seen.
Her elegance, purity of voice and fun loving personality will be missed by everyone and I wish her the very best of everything in the future. You never know, she might come out and visit us on tour!

It's a busy time coming up with some recording and promo to do nearer to home in the coming two weeks so look at the Celtic Woman website for updates and to my own website for some new pics!

On another note, I wanted to let everyone know, in case you have been swayed by some strange posts on my guestbook in the last few weeks, that I have never been more happy than I am now. These posts have been removed as it is a guestbook for relevance and truth and is always seen by me, friends and family as well as you who are so supportive in everything. I did not want you and the people I care about to worry needlessly. They were as much of a surprise to me as they were to you and I just wanted to clear that up and thank everyone for their continued love and friendship and wish you all Peace, Love, Happiness and Health for the holiday Season and the New Year.

It's a very exciting time of the year now and I love being at home getting to do all the cool normal things! Decorations are starting to go up in the towns and cities here and there's a buzz happening!
Thank you to the maireadnesbittforum for raising such a generous amount of money for Oxfam Ireland Unwrapped. It's especially at this time of year that this help is hugely beneficial to people in need and it not only alleviates pressures from day to day, but also in the long term with life sustaining programs.
So thank you for that.

Have a great Holiday Season and I will see you all in the New Year on our tour and thanks again for all the support!

Le grá,


Sunday, November 7, 2010

Australian Tour and Home!

Hi Everyone!

Again it's been a long time!
It's been mental since the end of our U.S. Tour! It was an awesome night in red Rocks Colorado which marked the end of our tour in the U.S. The audience were incredible and of course the venue is unsurpassed by anywhere in my book!

We had a short time at home which was spend relaxing a bit, and catching up on unopened post, things that had been put on the long finger, and family and friends.

Then it was off to Australia for our first tour there as Celtic Woman.
It was amazing! We started off in Newcastle rehearsing and had our first show there. Every show in every city rocked and the Australian Girls Choir certainly helped that to happen! It is also an honor for us to be Ambassadors for National Breast Cancer Foundation and we wear our pink ribbons and t-shirts proudly in support of the research that they are doing.
There are lots of pics and info on
We were constantly tweeting so check those out on twitter too! There's a direct link on my website
There was a day off in Brisbane and it was great! We went to the Lone Pine Sanctuary and got to be near very beautiful and exotics creatures. I have some pics up on twitter of my chance to hold a koala, a snake and a raptor ( not all at the same time, ha!) and it was deadly altogether!
The next day was the show in Brisbane and as if all the other cities didn't rock hugely, Brisbane was not to be outdone. It was an incredible last show and the audience really made it happen for us. What a night!

Then it was on the plane the next day for the first of three flights home!
Home now, and I get to relax with family and friends, do the things that have been on the long finger! and I suppose I'll open my post too!
Thank you to all the lovely people we met, to those who came to our shows and supported us so well and gave us such a huge welcome.

Thank you to our marvelous management and crew who did an awesome job!

And lastly, a huge thanks to a great friend and colleague, Des Moore, who has been with us from the beginning. His last show with us was Brisbane. He is an incredible musician. I've never come across anyone who is such a calm, sensitive, musical, virtuoso.
His playing is always perfection and I will miss him on stage and as a friend off stage. I grew up working and listening to Des featuring in the Concert Orchestra from when I was 15 years old. I've learned a huge amount from him as a player and a person. I will continue to do so. So, thanks Des and I will come to see you in concert soon!

Have a Happy Thanksgiving, Happy Holidays and an amazing rest of the year.
See you in the New Year!

Le grá,