Sunday, July 26, 2009


Hi All!

It's been a while I know!

We have finished our tour of the States and have been non stop preparing for our new DVD/CD!

Before that news though, I have to say a few words about our nights in Red Rocks, Colorado, the last two nights of our tour. It's always an honor to play in such an amazing place, both of such musical significance and also that of great natural beauty. It did rain the first night towards the end of the show which had me concerned about my violin. The next night I had some film on it exposing the F holes but it wasn't needed as it didn't rain that night! So that came off for the second half.
I also used a gift of an Incredibow from the maireadnesbittforum towards the end of the second half of our show both nights.
It was very interesting to use and lent itself very well to playing the fast numbers.
I did use it for 'You Raise Me Up' also and it was easy to use and sounded well.
Thank you to the forum for that gift and for all our fans who came and supported us in Red Rocks and throughout the whole tour.

We have done our rehearsals in Dublin for our DVD Celtic Woman Live that will be filmed on the 29th and 30th, this Wed. and Thurs. nights in the beautiful Powerscourt Estate and Gardens in Wicklow. We have also finished our recordings with David for our CD. The new numbers are really great and David has surpassed himself again with the beautiful compositions, arrangements and orchestrations.
We are all looking forward to getting to Powerscourt and starting on all the last details that have to be put in place.
It is incredible to be able to film the DVD in a place of such incredible beauty and history dating back to 1731. It is indeed a treasure and we feel very lucky to be able to perform there. It has so many different elements to it, from the Palladian House, to the Garden, and the Waterfall. Go to to to have a look at this gem in Wicklow, Ireland.

On a different note, I am delighted to say that Karl Nesbitt's debut CD Vista Point is finished and will be in stock on my website from next week! He has also signed 10 copies only so it will be first come, first served! I have been listening to it a lot and I love it. It was an honor to play on it and I loved every second of it! Have a look at and check out his online tutorials on flute, bouzouki, and bodhrán.

Thank you again for your support on tour and also for the lovely posts on my guestbook, blog and twitter. They mean so much and safe travels to all who are coming over for the filming of Celtic Woman Live in Powerscourt. I hope you all have two amazing evenings.

Le grá,