Friday, August 30, 2013

2012/2013! HOW DID THAT HAPPEN!!

Hi Everyone!

What is there to say only sorry it's been so long!
With twitter & Facebook going on every day, poor Blog gets forgotten!!

But suffice to say it's been massively busy for the last almost 2 years!!

With Celtic Woman, we have done all our touring taking in the U.S of A  of course in both 2012 & in 2013 for almost 7  months of the year taking in our Symphony Tour which has now become an annual event!
2012 also had us going to the most amazing places on our promo tours when our colleagues were having a very well deserved break! 
A highlight for me & us all was to go back to South Africa both on a promo trip & also on tour. We had the most amazing experience of going on a whale watching trip organized by one of my closest friends Hannie Euser with Southern West Charters at the New Harbor in beautiful Hermanus, about an hours drive from Capetown. What a chance of a lifetime this was & we have memories forever!
Here are some pics from that special day! 

We also went up Table Mountain which is always an amazing experience. I am lucky enough to have gone up there 5 times now & it never ceases to amaze me with it's awe-inspiring beauty. Some more pics!....

As well as touring Germany, we had a great Symphony Tour of the States in December & got back to Ireland just in time for Christmas! 

We also went to China to do a TV show (as you do!!) ringing in the New Year for 2013 with a viewership of 7 million people! That was certainly different with China being such a unique & wonderful country.

2013  started with our tour of the States, our second home at this stage!
It showcased our new show which was then shot in Southbend IN on April 8th. It was a whirlwind two days & will be shown in PBS as well as our new Home For Christmas DVD which was shot where it all began at the Helix, Dublin on August 12th. This will be seen this holiday season on PBS so keep tuned for that!

A highlight for  us was also featuring on the famous 'Bold and the Beautiful'!
It was a great day in LA & also to do a second episode en route on tour too was an icredible experience!


2013 also saw beautiful Chloë spreading her wings & going on to do new projects.
We have both been with Celtic Woman from the very beginning & I am delighted for her on her new endeavors! I will miss you 'Chlomeister' my little pal! 
The texting will be ferocious & will be exciting to hear of all the projects ahead!

We did get to celebrate together two triple platinum awards for Celtic Woman DVD & CD & A Christmas Celebration DVD & CD presented to us at Capitol Records in LA! A fantastic day was had! We also had 'Home For Christmas' reaching #1 in the Billboard Charts giving us a Billboard world record of 8 consecutive #1's! Not too shabby! Thanks to all our amazing fans for all the support & appreciation for all the hard work!

We will be going back to Germany, Austria, The Netherlands, Belgium, Holland & Switzerland in October so look at for dates & venues closest to you!
We will be joined by our newest member, the lovely Mairéad Carlin, & welcome her to our gang! Germany will be in for some great music making!

2013 continues to be a busy year for me personally & professionally!
I have a few projects getting underway & hope there are enough hours in the day to get them all started & done!
I have an enormous amount of requests to do a violin tutor &/or a collection of my music in book form. I hope to get that up & running soon. My solo album will also be in the pipeline & some other exciting projects which I will keep you posted on!

Thank for for all your support, friendship & tweets etc! 
None for any of what is done would be possible without you all & also without the great team who keep everything going!

Bye All & will really try & keep my blog updated!

Le ghrá,