Wednesday, February 5, 2014


Hi All!

What another year it's been & here we all are into 2014!

Another amazing year for us & thanks to all of you out there for all your support.

We of course saw a lot of our friends & supporters on our US tour which continues to be a huge part of our year! It was great to see a lot of familiar faces again at the meet & greets before our shows.
The audiences were astounding with lots of energy that really keeps us going & as we always say, the audience is our 5th Celtic Woman!
The filming of our Emerald DVD on that tour was testament to the energy of our audiences every night!
The genius of Sy O'Mahony was again obvious in his beautiful gowns!
I can't wait to see him in Nashville for our rehearsals where he will again undoubtedly work his magic!

Onwards from the US to our tour of Europe! 
It was really wonderful again to see our friends here & to experience again the history in every city!
I got the chance to meet up on a few occasions with my close friends Bruce Somers & Simone Fromm. Always a very special occasion for me!

From our European Tour to doing some promo in Australia, it was a chance for us to get acquainted again with this great country! A whirlwind visit it was for 5 days before we then traveled to Vegas for rehearsals for our Symphony Tour.

Starting our Symphony Tour at the Venetian for the opening of their Winter in Venice Season laid the bench mark for what was to come. We had amazing concerts with fantastic orchestras including members of the Boston Pops Orchestra, The Boston Symphony Orchestra & Atlanta Symphony Orchestra. Every night was wonderful musical experience for us and our lovely audiences.

Our promo trip to Oz paved the way for our tour just done in Jan.
It was incredible & we had such great audiences there also.
The weather was incredible & we even got a few chances to enjoy it!


From doing our new Home for Christmas DVD which made it to #1 & enabled us to be awarded  World Artist of the Year to now embarking on our Emerald Tour for 2014 in the US, it has been one packed year til now! Looking forward now to our production rehearsals coming up in Nashville & to seeing you all out on the road again very soon!

Slán go fóill!