Wednesday, June 30, 2010

End of U.S. Tour/Australia and New Canadian & U.S. Tour!

Hi Everyone!

I'm doing my blog from Melbourne Australia and what a busy time it has been!

After our tour of the States, we got a little bit of time off and got to catch up with family and friends.
It was an amazing tour and quite intensive taking in a lot of cities and getting to meet all of you lovely supportive people along the way!

It was also our last tour with the wonderful Alex who we miss dearly. It was an honor to work with her and it is wonderful to know her as a friend. I wish her the very best in everything and I know she will be brilliant in anything she does in the future as that's her way, she's a diamond!

We then came to Australia a few days ago and have been on a whirlwind promo trip here for our first ever tour here in October! Lots of radio, TV and press interviews have been the norm and it's been hectic and fun! Last night we did the 'Hey Hey It's Saturday' live show even though it was a Wednesday! It was really great and we loved singing and playing with the house band. We go home tomorrow evening and it's bye for the moment to everyone here until October!

We will have a few days at home before we head off to Canada and the States for our next tour and we are really looking forward to seeing you all again! It's almost like going home for us at this stage!

We will see you all then and how great will it be to have the last concert of our next tour in Red Rocks again?! It has to be my favorite place to play, so special!

See you all very soon!

Le grá,