Thursday, March 20, 2014


Hi Everyone!

We are well on the the way into our Emerald Musical Gems tour in the U.S. of A & thank you for all the support, lovely tweets & beautiful gifts along the way!

As the girls have said, we are so very fortunate to have so much in this life & to give back as much as we can along the way is not only so important but hugely rewarding as well.

I have been so extremely lucky to get such beautiful gifts from so many of you out there & they take pride of place wherever I am. 
I have also been very fortunate that my charity of choice
have been helped in the past by the creative endeavors of the numerous times as well as others.
This pic is of a cheque presented to me in 2010 of the contributions made by one very generous anonymous contributor & by all at the forum firstly & also by the auction of a beautiful portrait by Glen '@RottenRebel' which altogether made up $7,500.00 for Oxfam Unwrapped Ireland.
I want to thank all at the forum & Glen again for this amazing achievement.

This all came about with my idea that instead of people spending their hard earned money on gifts to me, that they could donate to my charity of choice instead. I would love for this to remain happening instead of sending & giving gifts to me. As much as I appreciate them I feel it would be fantastic to donate instead. So thank you all so much in advance for that & for all the help in the past too.

Over the last few weeks we have done lots here in the States from being on the Today Show, then saying a temporary bye to Lisa & wishing her the very best in what she is doing, to welcoming back Lynn for that time. We are very excited to be in Radio City on May 21st also & seeing all of you back again in the audiences for our new show Emerald. It's been fantastic to hear all the rave reviews  to the new numbers, the new arrangements & new look of our show.
It was fantastic also for Emerald to debut at #1 in the Billboard World Music Charts, to get World Artist of the Year & to make it to the top 12 in the Billboard Top 200 Chart. 
Here's to the rest of our tour here! Thanks to you all for your support as always to us, we really appreciate it & we have loved meeting up with you all at Meet & Greets.

See you along the way on the rest of our US tour & beyond!

Slán go fóill,

Le ghrá,