Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tinker Bell The Lost Treasure.

Hi All!

We had a great night in the Greek Theatre in L.A.
So many of our friends came to see the show and I saw a few Fiddler Crossing signs in the audience! Thank you for the support!

Some of the great people from Disney came to see our show and it was so nice to meet them all again after the recordings of Tinker Bell The Lost Treasure last week!

I am so honoured to be involved again on the beautiful score by the renowned composer Joel McNeely. It is pure joy to play music that has so much emotion, humour, and soul which conveys the adventurous nature of the movie. I loved playing throughout the score and also in the lovely songs.
It's fantastic that the main title song for Tinker Bell The Lost Treasure, If You Believe, has been recorded by my close friend and hugely talented colleague Lisa Kelly. I loved playing to her wonderful vocal. It was great to do something so different together and I can't wait to hear it in the context of the movie.
I also was thrilled to play on the song by the fabulous Demi Lovato, The Gift of a Friend, for the End Credits.
There is so much beautiful music played by wonderful musicians on this movie and I know everyone will really enjoy it!
I have seen some of it when I was recording last week and it looks incredible! There are so many fabulous characters in it as well as the magical Tinker Bell! I'm really looking forward to seeing it completely at the premiere.

Le grá,


Friday, April 24, 2009

Birthday/ Dancing with the Stars/ Tinker Bell!

Hi Everyone!

What a week it's been!

Firstly I want to say thank you so much for all the Birthday wishes!
It was a lovely day with lots of very thoughtful gifts from everyone.
The lovely bow I received from the Máiréad Fan Forum was an amazing surprise-thank you so much!

We had an amazing time in L.A. doing Dancing with the Stars.
Everybody was so lovely to us, the sound and band were incredible and we also had our own choir with us. We enjoyed it so much!
Here's the link!


and some pics!


Coupled with that, I did the recordings for the second Tinker Bell movie, Tinker Bell The Lost Treasure.
What an amazing experience and honour to be playing once again on such a beautiful and inspired score composed by Joel McNeely.
It was like stepping in to the very warm feeling of a family when I got to the studio and I thoroughly enjoyed my time there.
I can't wait to see and hear the new movie!

We have just finished our night in Costa Mesa where the audience was explosive!
We will be travelling to L.A. tomorrow for our concert in the Greek Theatre.
I am really looking forward to seeing everyone and especially all my friends from Disney who are coming to see the show.
See you all at the Greek!

Le grá,