Wednesday, February 25, 2009



Well, it's been a busy few days and we've been to Indianapolis and are now on our second day in Louisville.
The shows are going great and I feel a bit more settled into it now.
My costume have changed to my white on the previous tour and it's a perfect one to move around in!

Indianapolis was great and we got to meet Jesse McCartney after his sound check!
He was playing at the Murat also.
He was so nice and is voice sounded great and so did his band.

He does the voice of Terence in Tinker Bell too!

Our Production Manager Scotty Ross knows Nando and Dave from the band from the Hilary Duff tours. They were playing great.

We are now on our second day in Louisville.
There was a really nice feel from the show last night and we got to meet lovely people afterwards.
There are some lovely foodie spots here and hopefully will get a chance later to try one of them out.
Looking forward to the show tonight and then it's on to Columbus.

See you soon!

Le grá,


Thursday, February 19, 2009


Hi Everyone!

We had a great two days and nights in the beautiful Chicago Theatre.
What a great city!

The shows went really well and we shot some footage for publicity and ourselves.
So keep an eye out for those new numbers on the telly soon!

I slipped last night during the show but am fine and I want to say thanks to everyone for their well wishes. It was in the middle of Ray and Nicky's solos in my number Shenandoah/ Contradiction. I was concentrating on their lovely rhythms going from one to the other at the time before I come in to play when it happened.... but these things can occur and the main thing is the violin, bow and myself are all fine!

We have a day off now before our show tomorrow in another beautiful venue the Fox Theatre in Detroit.
See you there!

Le grá,


Saturday, February 14, 2009

Opening Night!

Hi All!

I thought I'd write another post while on the bus to Grand's always a great time to get emails etc done on these journeys as well as some sleep!

Soon my Blog will be on my website with some more changes too, so drop in to for those.

Opening night in at the XCel Energy Arena in St. Paul Minneapolis went really well.
For me there's a lot to get used to. I have memorised the previous stage so well and was so used to the costumes that it's been a challenge to be at one with all that is new.
It was so great to see lots of people that I recognised, especially from the Máiréad Fan Forum-thanks for the support! Also meeting everyone at the Meet and Greet afterwards was really lovely. It was so nice to hear there that the show, for them, was every bit as good if not better than our previous show.
The audience were great and we all really enjoyed our opening night!

Tonight, we are coming from the Milwaukee Theatre and, for me, it was very enjoyable!
I'm finally getting comfortable with the beautiful stage and my memory for all the layout is kicking in!
It was a fantastic night with another lovely audience.
By the way, I hope everyone had a great Valentine's Day!

We are in the Van Andel Arena tomorrow in Grand Rapids.
Looking forward to another arena and really tearing it up....
Thanks to our amazing band, choir, management, and crew for making every night so special and making sure it all goes so smoothly.
And finally, thanks to you, the audience, for making every night such a different experience and for being so supportive. See you at the concerts!

Le grá,


Thursday, February 12, 2009

Hi Everyone!

Hi Everyone!

This is my new blog!
It gives me a chance on the road to keep you all up to date on our new Celtic Woman tour Isle of Hope.

We had a great night in Evansville Indiana last night with an invited audience to our first Isle of Hope concert. It was great to see so many familiar faces there from our fan forums to the PBS stations!
I had a great time doing the new numbers as well as some of the numbers from our previous tour that I know you all love as much as us.
Everyone was really happy with the night which has been the culmination of months of hard work from everyone involved.

We are now in Minneapolis St. Paul for our first concert on our six month tour in the the XCel Energy Arena tomorrow night.
I'm looking forward to meeting everyone an keeping you on to date here also!

See you at the concerts!

Le grá,