Sunday, March 22, 2009


Hi All!

In beautiful Boston where we have finished three very enjoyable shows in the lovely Wang Theatre.
What a lovely place to play in with it's lavish interior.
It's our third time here and it was great to be here for four days to settle in and get to walk around this very pretty city.
Some of our friends came over from Ireland and as we did a matinee today, we went to Finale Desserterie on Columbus Avenue's the kind of place that you just skip the main act and go for the fun stuff!
We head for Atlanta tomorrow for two shows there in the Fox Theatre.
Some time in Boston was spent sorting out cases and switching clothes as we head into warmer weather now. The main challenge in going away for such a long time is how to pack for five months! So all types of weather has to be catered for and now it's the turn of the warmer kind.
It's farewell to Boston and the nice relaxing days here and onwards!

Le grá,


Sunday, March 15, 2009

Radio City Music Hall, New York!

Hi Everyone!

Wow! what a time we have had and are having in New York!
I think it has been our busiest New York visit yet!

But before the Big Apple, there is a special mention for Wilkes Barre on the 11th March at the Wachovia Arena. The very hard working people at the Máiréad Fan Forum put together, to my surprise, a MáiréadFest! I have to say, I am very humbled by this and could not believe the amount of support and encouragement, not only for me, but for all of us, who work and love Celtic Woman so much. I was really touched by this and Chloe and myself, as we were on for doing our Meet and Greet that night, got to meet so many people who came to the show afterwards, some for the first time, and a lot of people who have supported us from the very beginning.
It was amazing for us to receive very meaningful gifts from my friends at the Máiréad Fan Forum. I was beyond touched to sign a fiddle and some other gifts that will be auctioned and the proceeds going to Oxfam Ireland Unwrapped, my charity of choice. I cannot thank everyone enough for this very generous and thoughtful action.
We then got to meet the lovely Kimberly and her wonderful parents. I have met Kimberly before a year ago and it was her dream to meet her role model Chloe and meet her she did! What a lovely encounter and I have to say, it made our night!
I also got to know the extraordinary distances that people made to be there on this night and I am really honoured and amazed by the dedication and effort to come and see us and put together this special occasion for me. It is probably the most thoughtful and wonderful occasion I have ever experienced.
I want to thank the Scott Manke who, by all accounts, organised this night!
Thank you Wickie, Glenn and everyone for the lovely gifts!
Also I want to thank the moderators on the Máiréad Fan Forum and Rachel, our Tour Manager.
I'm not sure if it was noticed but Rachel and Alison, our wardrobe manager, made sure that I had my new white gown for this night! It was flown in the day before from Ireland from Synan O'Mahony, the designer, and, after fitting and adjustments that day, I wore it that night for it's first show!

On to NYC! After our arrival into NY in the early hours of the 12th, we had a lovely day off in New York. We were up at 4.30am getting ready for the Today Show the next morning and anyone who missed it, the link is below!

We then had our first of two nights, in the Radio City Music Hall which is our fourth time to play in this beautiful venue. It was four years ago to the day, which marks our 4th Celtic Woman performance there on the 13th March.
It was an amazing two nights with lots of guests from Ireland, from our record company EMI Manhattan, and lots of our friends who attended in Wilkes Barre!
It was lovely to catch up with close friends and get reacquainted with the great city that is New York!

It's countdown to Paddy's Day and we have two shows later on in Wallingford at the Chevrolet Theatre and in Baltimore for Paddy's Day in the France-Merrick PAC Hippodrome. In between, we have a performance on Mike and Juliet Fox Morning, Monday 16th and later on that day we are ringing the closing bell on the Stock Market on Wall Street!

Have a great St. Patrick's Day or Paddy's Day everybody!

Le grá,


Monday, March 2, 2009


Hi All!

We arrived safely in Pittsburgh this morning thanks to our great driver Terry who had to drive through apparently the worst snow storm in twenty years.
We had two great shows and audiences in Greenville, SC and then made the long journey to Pittsburgh.
There were a lot of cars and trucks stranded for hours. I hope that everyone got to where they wanted to be safely as we did today.

After concerts in Columbus, Knoxville and Greenville, we'll be in the beautiful Benedum Centre for the next two nights here in Pittsburgh.
It's nice to get the chance to be here for more than one night!
It's very cold, bright and looks beautiful here with the snow!

It a nice chance when in a more settled state, to listen to some music, pre-new, new and old recordings. Of the pre-new, a cd recorded by a very good friend, the Donegal fiddle player Johnny Byrne. This has some beautiful tunes, especially the airs and the hornpipes. I am lucky to have it as it was given to me before I left for my tour to have a listen to it before Johnny gives it his thumbs up! I'm honoured! It gets the thumbs up from me. It's an extremely honest recording, done in a day, the whole cd! It's simply lovely and so nice to hear it all the way from home.
Another cd to be out soon is Vista Point by my brother Karl Nesbitt.
Some of it can be heard on
I loved playing on this and it's staggering that Karl has done most of the compositions, playing on nine instruments and bv's!, arrangements and production. I like listening and playing along to this cd! The love for what he does comes through from so many angles.

Yes, two very different recordings and two to keep an eye out for....

Looking forward to playing here and we love playing in these gorgeous venues from the old Fox Theatres to the Palace in Louisville and now the Benedum Centre, they really lend to the atmosphere on the night.
Hope to see you all there one of the nights!

Le grá,