Sunday, July 26, 2009


Hi All!

It's been a while I know!

We have finished our tour of the States and have been non stop preparing for our new DVD/CD!

Before that news though, I have to say a few words about our nights in Red Rocks, Colorado, the last two nights of our tour. It's always an honor to play in such an amazing place, both of such musical significance and also that of great natural beauty. It did rain the first night towards the end of the show which had me concerned about my violin. The next night I had some film on it exposing the F holes but it wasn't needed as it didn't rain that night! So that came off for the second half.
I also used a gift of an Incredibow from the maireadnesbittforum towards the end of the second half of our show both nights.
It was very interesting to use and lent itself very well to playing the fast numbers.
I did use it for 'You Raise Me Up' also and it was easy to use and sounded well.
Thank you to the forum for that gift and for all our fans who came and supported us in Red Rocks and throughout the whole tour.

We have done our rehearsals in Dublin for our DVD Celtic Woman Live that will be filmed on the 29th and 30th, this Wed. and Thurs. nights in the beautiful Powerscourt Estate and Gardens in Wicklow. We have also finished our recordings with David for our CD. The new numbers are really great and David has surpassed himself again with the beautiful compositions, arrangements and orchestrations.
We are all looking forward to getting to Powerscourt and starting on all the last details that have to be put in place.
It is incredible to be able to film the DVD in a place of such incredible beauty and history dating back to 1731. It is indeed a treasure and we feel very lucky to be able to perform there. It has so many different elements to it, from the Palladian House, to the Garden, and the Waterfall. Go to to to have a look at this gem in Wicklow, Ireland.

On a different note, I am delighted to say that Karl Nesbitt's debut CD Vista Point is finished and will be in stock on my website from next week! He has also signed 10 copies only so it will be first come, first served! I have been listening to it a lot and I love it. It was an honor to play on it and I loved every second of it! Have a look at and check out his online tutorials on flute, bouzouki, and bodhrán.

Thank you again for your support on tour and also for the lovely posts on my guestbook, blog and twitter. They mean so much and safe travels to all who are coming over for the filming of Celtic Woman Live in Powerscourt. I hope you all have two amazing evenings.

Le grá,



  1. Hello, Máiréad! Great to hear from you! I'm certainly at Powerscourt in spirit, as I could not manage the trip. I'm really looking forward to the new DVD/CD. Excited to find out what David has done with this one and the songs he has for each of you to perform. I know it will be awesome, as have the others!! I hope and pray you are all well and been able to get some rest and relaxation. Take care and God Bless you!


  2. Thank you so much for the update, it was great to see again in concert in Nashville and was very special for all of us from your forum.
    I'm sure you noticed all the fiddler crossing signs in the front row.
    Brenda would like to thank you for signing her fathers fiddle, it neans a lot to her. I would like to thank you for signing that special photo of me with all of you at the signing in Baton Rouge.
    Your are very special to us and will always be in our hearts, a few from the forum will making the journey to Powerscourt.

  3. Dear Mairead,

    Thank you for the wonderful new blog amidst your busy schedule of recording and rehearsing.

    Thank you so much for the great honor in using the lovely, green Incredibow from the forum at Red Rocks. You have no idea the huge smiles and big tears that came when you brought it out in the first act the first night and again the second. We hope you'll get years of use out of it and feel the love that went with it each time you use it.

    The shows were marvelous and the audience and all of you fed off each other both nights. Emotions ran high but all of us were so glad you all finally got to go home and get some rest before digging in to the new show.

    Several of us will be there at Powerscourt. Weather looks a bit iffy the first night but we're there for the long haul both nights. We look forward to David's new creation and all of your performances. Thank you for the hard work you have put in to the CD and DVD that will be released.

    Great news about Karl! We'll do our best to promote it on the forum too! Great artists seem to run in your family.

    Soon enough you can get some real rest before yet another tour. Thank you again so much for everything. God's blessings now and always.

    Scott and your forum

  4. Hello Máiréad,

    Thank you so very much for the update.

    It is always great to hear from you. I'm glad to hear that the violin and yourself are well.

    Please take care and I'm looking forward to your return in October.

    Please be safe and travel well,


  5. Thank you so much, Mairead, for taking time out during what MUST be an incredibly busy week to talk to your fans. You are fabulous! I'm really looking forward to seeing what Celtic Woman has in store for us next!

  6. Hi Mairead I really glad to hear from you. I'm so glad you were able to use the Incrdibow. I'm anxiously awaiting the dvd and cd. Would love to be there. Please take care and the other ladies get some well deserved rest and chill a bit.
    An avid fan,

  7. Hi Mairead,
    Thanks for your post and I went to Powercourts on the South Coast tour after the ACC tapings. The new show will be fantastic again. And was happy that you used the Incredibow at Red Rocks.



  8. New DVD!:) How Great! I can't wait to see and hear it:)! I'm so impatient that I can't stop jumping! I'm also very lucky, that gravity is 6 times weeker here, than on Earth, it makes flying sooo much easier! As soon as DVD will be available, I will send(this malicious) MoonDragon straight to the Earth, to get a copy!:) Dogs can buy newspapers, so why dragon can not buy a DVD?:))) I hope Moon Dragon will agree, and really will fly... Last time someone called him "Dinosaur", and after that, my poor, insultet dragon said, that he will never ever visit Blue Planet again (he thinks dinosaurs were pathethic, and the fact, that they died is a greatest proof for that). But for Celtic Woman's new music... I'm sure he will make an exception, no doubt about that!:))) I'm only sorry, that he still did not give up violin... He has no mercy, he wants to play like Mairead Nesbitt:) Yeah, in milion yeras maybe, but I doubt:) He claims, that he has time. Ehhh... Butterfly bigger than a bus, hmmmm...

    P.S - dear NASA astronauts: this July, it has been 40 years since You have visited Moon for the first time, so... Maybe You could finally take away all these garbage You have left behind? Thank You. Only 12 people have been here, but whole Sea Of Tranquility has become one big dustbin... What a pity, Celtic Woman did not exist in '60 and '70 - maybe if astronauts had listend to CW's music, they would have behaved better... :)

    Anyway, looking forward for new DVD!!!:)))
    Best, best, best Regards!:)))

    ...and (this malicious) MoonDragon too...

  9. Hello Mairead :)

    You will never know

    Your smile dispels the darkness and the clouds too will agree,
    What is the plain starlight, comparatively?
    Your friendship is valued by someone immensely,
    You will never know you are adored, so truly...

    What words cannot express, the eyes do easily,
    and actions are replaced by just smiling tenderly,
    What treasure would you lose by greeting me warmly?
    Why Yellow rose you choose when Red bloom merrily...

    Never mind the world, It runs at its own pace,
    never mine Time, it runs its own race
    But do mind one thing and that Girl, is your face,
    The Earth had never seen one so filled with grace....

    Never mind mistakes, they are part of daily life,
    Never mind proposals, you are bound to be someones` wife,
    But do care for people whose lives have gone astray,
    They are relying on you to guide and show the way...

    And when the ripe years come,recall your brighter days,
    Do not even contemplate, that there might have been better ways,
    For what Destiny had in store, It gave its all to you
    And Friendship evermore, from true friends who loved you!


  10. Hey Máiréad!
    I am really excited for the new DVD, you don't know how brazilian fans want you to be here! But you need to be more known that you are lol

    We love you

  11. Hi Máiread,
    Unfortunately I won't be able to be there on the recording of the DVD. I am brazilian and there is a big ocean separating our continents
    I hope everything to go well
    As I said in another post, I started to study how to play a fiddle thinking about you! I bought the cypher of Shennandoah and I can tell you that I am improving!
    Come to Brazil!

  12. Well, I suppose that now you have finished recording the DVD! I know it's a sin, but I am incredibly envious of the people who were able to be there both of the nights... What I wouldn't give to have been there for even one song!
    I'm sure that the DVD/CD will be lovely. I hope it comes out in time for my 14th birthday- I can't wait to learn your new songs on my fiddle. Thank you for the update on Red Rocks, and I am excited to hear about how Powerscourt went!
    Go raibh maith agat,

  13. Hello Mairead- I was in Powerscourt Gardens and watched the set-up for the show but was unable to stay as flight back to US was July 29th--any idea when DVD will be available or when PBS show will be shown in US? Love your music---David is brilliant!

  14. Hello Mairead
    I was in Powerscourt Gardens on July 28th and watched some of the set up. Unfortunately my flight back to the US was early on July 29th so couldn't stay. Any idea when the DVD will be available or when the concert will be shown on PBS? Fabulous setting and fabulous music---David is brilliant!

  15. Hi Mairead!
    I can't wait to see the new DVD!! I really love Celtic Woman and I wanted you to know that you inspired me to play violin.
    I hope you came to Brazil some day, because you have many fans here.
    You are amazing!

  16. Mairead,

    With the recording of the new DVD at Powerscourt now in the books, we have been regaled with wonderful tales from those of your fanforum who were fortunate enough to attend! We look forward now to the fall US tour, where, as you might imagine, your fans will be present in force! We certainly don't begrudge you and the others a much-needed rest though! As you prepare to visit new venues and cities this fall, we'll be there to support you as you entertain those lucky souls who will be experiencing the marvel of seeing you for the first time! Let us know if you need anything!

    A MaireadNesbittfanforum Moderator

  17. Hello again, Máiréad.

    From the tales that have drifted across the ocean to us in the states, it sounds like Powerscourt was another phenomenal show. Wonderful to hear. We are all looking forward to the DVD release. It sounds like you girls are staying busy, as news of the Fall tour dates has set the forums abuzz. Even so, I hope everyone is doing well, and that you will able to enjoy a small reprieve before heading back on the road.

    Take care and best wishes,

  18. Hello Mairead,
    I'm really happy about the filming DVD
    I can't wait to see you performing in a place like this, Wow, it must be a wonderful experience.
    I hope to see you in El paso, TX, the first time I saw the date in El paso, TX I really got crazy because I could be able to see Celtic Woman live by first time ever because it's a very near city from Mexico.

    Thankyou Mairead for eveything, You've changed my life completely thanks to your wonderful and lovely music you play on your violin, there's no day not listening your music. i really enjoy listening you. You're my Angel...

    Thank you...

    (your mexican fan)

  19. Hi Mairead!
    I was wondering where I could get the songs Pacific Slope, Granuele's Dance, Skidoo, and 1st Movement from "Raining Up"? I loved it when you played "Jesu Joy of Man's Desiring" so much that I got the song and am learning it. Do you know when your coming back to Charlotte, NC? I saw you on June 2. It was amazing! It is so sad when the concert was over. I went behind the building that night and waited for you to come out and meet you. I was the girl who had been inspired by you to play the violin. Do you remeber? I hope so! When I get to be an adult I hope to be a concert violinist like you. If you remeber me can you get on my blog and maybe put in the comment area some tips on the violin to help me?

    BIGGEST 1# FAN!!

  20. Dear Mairead,
    You may not even be able to read this, but if you do, would you please tell me if you are going to Alabama any time soon?

    I've tried to teach myself 'The Butterfly' and a few other songs you play.