Monday, March 2, 2009


Hi All!

We arrived safely in Pittsburgh this morning thanks to our great driver Terry who had to drive through apparently the worst snow storm in twenty years.
We had two great shows and audiences in Greenville, SC and then made the long journey to Pittsburgh.
There were a lot of cars and trucks stranded for hours. I hope that everyone got to where they wanted to be safely as we did today.

After concerts in Columbus, Knoxville and Greenville, we'll be in the beautiful Benedum Centre for the next two nights here in Pittsburgh.
It's nice to get the chance to be here for more than one night!
It's very cold, bright and looks beautiful here with the snow!

It a nice chance when in a more settled state, to listen to some music, pre-new, new and old recordings. Of the pre-new, a cd recorded by a very good friend, the Donegal fiddle player Johnny Byrne. This has some beautiful tunes, especially the airs and the hornpipes. I am lucky to have it as it was given to me before I left for my tour to have a listen to it before Johnny gives it his thumbs up! I'm honoured! It gets the thumbs up from me. It's an extremely honest recording, done in a day, the whole cd! It's simply lovely and so nice to hear it all the way from home.
Another cd to be out soon is Vista Point by my brother Karl Nesbitt.
Some of it can be heard on
I loved playing on this and it's staggering that Karl has done most of the compositions, playing on nine instruments and bv's!, arrangements and production. I like listening and playing along to this cd! The love for what he does comes through from so many angles.

Yes, two very different recordings and two to keep an eye out for....

Looking forward to playing here and we love playing in these gorgeous venues from the old Fox Theatres to the Palace in Louisville and now the Benedum Centre, they really lend to the atmosphere on the night.
Hope to see you all there one of the nights!

Le grá,



  1. So happy you all made it Pittsburgh safely! I've heard the snow was just ridiculous.

    Enjoy your two days in Pittsburgh, Máiréad! :)

  2. Glad to find out you made it through all the snow. Get out and play a little in it if you can (but don't get sick, hehe).

  3. Hopefully, Mother Nature will behave as you swing through New England. Safe travels!

    Looking forward to seeing you in Wilkes Barre next week.

  4. Máiréad, so nice to hear everyone made it to Pittsburgh OK. That was quite a storm for the southern states! Now, you just have to put up with a bit cold weather. Enjoy your time in Pittsburgh. Then it's on to upstate NY next!


  5. Hi Máiréad,

    hope you're fine beyond the snow and you enjoy the tour, what a hard work (fiddeling the snow away!). By the way fitting costumes and shoes are seldom convenient but nice to hear about that you've find an ideal one which is better for moving around. Always a great and an individual entertainment, I'll keep my fingers crossed for you (in Germany we say "Toi toi toi...)

    Now, TOM RIELAND (GENERAL MANAGER–WOSUPUBLIC MEDIA) on [] find some words in his report "Celtic Woman a Hit in Columbus" like this:

    [Quote] "Save that, Máiréad Nesbitt is an exquisite fiddler and prances around while playing so much you wonder about her safety. It would be worth the ticket price to just see her..." [/Quote]

    I'm still awaiting for the next DVD,
    my very warmest wishes, and God bless

  6. Nice to hear, that bus driver is an artist too!:)))
    I miss snow - once I brought some from the Earth, but this malicious MoonDragon turned it into the paddle - he said he had fire-hiccup, yeah, right... Oh why, oh why I do not have a dog, like normal person? Probably becouse I'm not normal...
    Anyway, music travels through everything, always, and it should be like that!:) Right now, it is running from the snow strom into the arms of first flowers of the Spring!:)

  7. Your forum prays for safe travels for all of you every day and we're glad you arrived safely.

    Great news about the CD recommendations! We have been looking forward to Vista Point for a long time and will post a review of it in your forum. I've already done a review of IRISH Makeover by Skully on which Karl has two tunes. What a talented family you have.

    We'll see you soon in Wilkes-Barre for what we are calling MaireadFest with a large contingent from your forum! For now, have fun, stay safe, and God's blessings from all of us.

  8. Glad you made it to Pittsburgh safely and got to see snow. We have these storms regularly and many Americans in the Northeast have very short memories when it comes to snow storms. Hopefully you will be major storm free for the next 30 days and by then it will be getting warmer.

    May you all have safe travels and look forward to more shows to come.

    Scott Meennen
    Laurel Maryland

  9. Mairead,

    I'm so glad you all got here safely.
    Yeah it was a wicked storm, we got the tail end of it two days ago..
    Hopefully it clears by next week! I'm so excited to see you live again in Wilkes Barre!

    Wickie xx

  10. Glenn A.K.A. The Rotten Rebel
    Resident of your Forum wishes you pleasant and safe journey.
    I think you will be getting lots of hugs from your Forum members, who will be arriving at W.B. soon.
    Warmest Blessings to you, and all those traveling with you.
    Hope you all are having a wonderful time. Dear Lady, I can't wait to see you again.
    Sincerely & respectfully yours
    Glenn, A.K.A. The Rotten Rebel

  11. Greetings from the desert...can't wait to see you in Phoenix next month.The sounds that you and yours make have got to be the sound track played in least at the gates to ease the transition.I appreciate the calm that comes over me when I hear your beautiful voices.And who in their right mind doesn't love Irish music?!Thanks and travel safe.I look forward to trying to meet you when you slide through my town...I'll be the guy who looks like he should be at a metal show...not a Celtic Women's show...Aaron

  12. Welcome to America, We will see you in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Can't wait !!!! You will love Maybe Center at Oral Roberts University (where the concert will be performed). And Tulsa is a beautiful town also.

    You won't be here until near end of your American tour but we are still thrilled you have added us to your agenda. Be careful and God speed.


  14. Dear Máiréad,

    I'm so glad you all made it safely through the snow! I'm sure your second show in Radio City will be awesome tonight! I keep you and the rest of the girls in my thoughts and prayers regularly. Safe travels throughout the rest of the shows and hopefully we'll cross paths once again. Take care and God Bless!

    Lots of Love,

  15. March 15th.09
    Dear Mairead,
    Greetings once again from Glenn, A.K.A The Rotten Rebel. Hi Pretty Lady!! LOL! Just got back from Wilkes Barr, P.A. Again it was such a thrill meeting you again! What an adventure all the folks from your forum had. For me, it was the trip of a lifetime!
    Hope you like the porcelain, gold gilded rose. I thought I’d try to stand out a little bit amongst the crowd, what can I say? LOL!
    I know that M&G was quite overwhelming for both yourself and Dear Chloe.
    I guess you now know just how much all of us on your Forum love all of you.
    Hi Chloe!!! (Blushing) Hope the Amethyst Pendant, and Earrings look beautiful on you Dear Lady! You looked Sooo! Beautiful that night!
    You both deserve every bit of that love and support that you got that night. I wish I could do this again and again, and again.
    Mairead, Chloe, I know that signing all those autographs was a big chore.
    We really were not there for that. We were there to say to you, and Chloe, with so much love in our hearts, “Thank You!” Not just from myself, but from all of us on the Mairead Forum web site.
    For sharing with all of us, your gift of this incredibly beautiful music.
    Your friends from your Forum, will always be there for you and all the rest of the performers of this group. That is something you can count on.
    I hope you had as wonderful, and memorable a time as we all had. I will remember this adventure, the rest of my life! Oh! And see you all yet again at the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles. At the end of April.
    Hugs! Hugs!! And more hugs!!!

    Sincerely, and respectfully yours,
    Glenn, A.K.A. The Rotten Rebel