Sunday, March 22, 2009


Hi All!

In beautiful Boston where we have finished three very enjoyable shows in the lovely Wang Theatre.
What a lovely place to play in with it's lavish interior.
It's our third time here and it was great to be here for four days to settle in and get to walk around this very pretty city.
Some of our friends came over from Ireland and as we did a matinee today, we went to Finale Desserterie on Columbus Avenue's the kind of place that you just skip the main act and go for the fun stuff!
We head for Atlanta tomorrow for two shows there in the Fox Theatre.
Some time in Boston was spent sorting out cases and switching clothes as we head into warmer weather now. The main challenge in going away for such a long time is how to pack for five months! So all types of weather has to be catered for and now it's the turn of the warmer kind.
It's farewell to Boston and the nice relaxing days here and onwards!

Le grá,



  1. 3-22-09
    From Glenn, A.K.A. The Rotten Rebel.
    Warmest greetings & blessings Dear Lady, pleasant and safe journey as you head out west.
    I’m sure you know, you have made friends on this tour, that will last a lifetime.
    Your Forum members that were there at W.B. are still bouncing off the walls over it.
    WOW! What a joy! I wish I could live that day over again, it was so much fun.
    I can't wait to see the show again! What a wonderful experience this has been.
    To all of us, you are such a special lady.
    Every day, you bring a smile to my face. I hope you have a wonderful time on the rest of this tour.
    Thank you so much, see you again, I hope at The Greek Theatre In Los Angeles!
    Maybe, we can relive a part of that joyous time again there.
    Always, sincerely & respectfully yours.

    Honored Mairead Forum Member
    Glenn, A.K.A. The Rotten Rebel

  2. Mairead,
    Glad you guys got to spend some time around Boston. I've only been there once and really enjoyed it. The weather here has been really crazy too; it's usually not this warm around March and I live in the desert! Anyway, great to hear from you and break a leg!
    Chris Brillante

  3. so fun to hear all your activities... keep fiddlin! robin

  4. Good that you were able to relax a bit after all the New York activities. Finale Desserterie sounds quite dangerous. HA!
    Safe travels!


  5. I am glad you had a good time in Boston. It is nice to hear that you also had time to spend with friends and get out and do some fun stuff and just relax. I bet it is hard to know what kind of weather to pack for as we have so much variation here in the States.

    Have a good time in Atlanta.


  6. Don't cha just love Boston? I do! I hope to go to collage about an hour outside of Boston next year I love it so much! Have fun touring and be safe!

  7. Ooooo yummy...Finale Desserterie sounds good! You know what they say: life is dessert first. ;)

    Don't worry...the South is ready for you guys with plenty of warm weather!!!!

    Emily :)

  8. I'm from the Atl area and am super bummed out that i will miss both shows there! The Fox is indeed FABULOUS and i know the show will look amazing there! I hope my fellow Georgians will give you all a warm southern welcome! Best of luck with the shows and try to enjoy the area if you can: the Ga aquarium is quite a sight to see! Much love and prayers for safe travel!

  9. Mairead,
    You have had a wonderful time these last few weeks up north, even though it was very cold at times, but when all the MaireadFest fans surprised you in Wilkes-Barre, and then continued being at several Shows afterward, I am sure that warmed your heart.
    Now you are heading south, so travel well, change into something more comfortable, and you will find Southern Hospitality from some of your southern contingent MaireadFest fans awaits you here. See you in Birmingham on the 27th.

    Mairead, thank you for being who you are, and that is why we love you.


  10. Hi Máiréad! Great to hear from you. Sounds like Boston was a great time for all! I know you're in Atlanta tonight! Wish I could be there!:) Take care and God Bless you!


  11. Mairead,

    Glad to hear you enjoyed Boston! I was at the Saturday show there, and you were absolutely fantastic! First time seeing you live, and I was awestruck. Best of luck on the rest of your trip through the U.S.


  12. Mairead and everyone with Celtic Woman, thank you for creating such wonderful music. My twins, age four, are tremendous fans . . . we're still listening to the Christmas album. :)

    I have a question for Mairead and her fans: My son is also very, very fond of Raining Up, but I'm having trouble identifying all of the instruments for him. I've looked around the site here, and I can't find a listing of the band members and their instruments for each of the tracks. I downloaded the CD via Amazon, so I don't have any liner notes to check; is that information there? Perhaps I should buy the actual CD?

    My son is up with me in these wee hours of the morning--he has a stuffy nose and isn't sleeping well--and he also wanted Mairead to know that he is starting violin lessons soon. I know he's going to try his hand at dancing with his violin as soon as he can!

    Thanks, J.

    Houston, Tx

  13. Sounds like a wonderful event. Have a happy Easter and great days off! See you in Dallas!

  14. Mairead wait for your birthday to watch this.
    Have fun on tour

  15. ¡ Excelente tu música, llena de energía, un placer para mis oídos... Gracias !

  16. Happy birthday mairead
    Here a little gift

  17. Mairead,

    Several years ago God sent you to a wonderful family, and you were born. With your family’s love and nurturing, and the natural talent God instilled in you, you have developed with much hard work and God’s blessings into becoming a gifted entertainer without equal in this world. Then with this beautiful spirit that is within you, you have unlimited ways in which to enrich so many lives; and mine is one who you have brought untold and unmeasured joy, and my life is so blessed in hearing you play and perform so beautifully, and in seeing that smile that is so beautiful. To make this joy so much more enduring to me is to know that you know me by name, and consider me you friend.

    Mairead, if I could somehow bestow upon you some measure of this joy in my heart for your birthday, you would be overwhelmed with joy on this your birthday. Please consider all this in my simple wish for you to have a” Happy Birthday” Mairead.


  18. Mairead,

    Just wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday today! Hope the folks in Grand Prairie, TX got you a cake! :)


  19. Hey you guys were awesome last night on dancing with the stars! Its good to see you guys out doing different things!!

  20. Happy Birthday to you. Saw you on Dancing With the Stars, good show.

    Please stay safe and don't work too hard, although I know you will. I hope you do get some time off durning the Tour.

    Looking forward to the new TinkerBell movie.

    Best wishes,
    Scott Meenen

  21. Tu música me transporta a los bosques nubosos de mi país, donde habitan árboles centenarios llenos de vida, que se abrazan y nos llenan de energía, en donde los duendes imaginarios danzan y danzan sin cesar sonidos que se pierden en el tiempo...

    Gerardo Chukén
    Costa Rica