Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tinker Bell The Lost Treasure.

Hi All!

We had a great night in the Greek Theatre in L.A.
So many of our friends came to see the show and I saw a few Fiddler Crossing signs in the audience! Thank you for the support!

Some of the great people from Disney came to see our show and it was so nice to meet them all again after the recordings of Tinker Bell The Lost Treasure last week!

I am so honoured to be involved again on the beautiful score by the renowned composer Joel McNeely. It is pure joy to play music that has so much emotion, humour, and soul which conveys the adventurous nature of the movie. I loved playing throughout the score and also in the lovely songs.
It's fantastic that the main title song for Tinker Bell The Lost Treasure, If You Believe, has been recorded by my close friend and hugely talented colleague Lisa Kelly. I loved playing to her wonderful vocal. It was great to do something so different together and I can't wait to hear it in the context of the movie.
I also was thrilled to play on the song by the fabulous Demi Lovato, The Gift of a Friend, for the End Credits.
There is so much beautiful music played by wonderful musicians on this movie and I know everyone will really enjoy it!
I have seen some of it when I was recording last week and it looks incredible! There are so many fabulous characters in it as well as the magical Tinker Bell! I'm really looking forward to seeing it completely at the premiere.

Le grá,



  1. What wonderful news. I am glad that your concert at the Greek Theater was another great show. It is wonderful that Lisa is also involved in Tinker Bell, it will make the movie that much more special.

    Take care


  2. Mairead,

    Thank you for the updates and the wonderful news about all that is happening in your life, along with all the other good Celtic Woman news. Your popularity is beginning to grow to a much larger audience. Any recognition you receive is long overdue, because your ability to perform is world class, and your spirit is so perfectly matched with the beautiful lady it lives within. Thank you for keeping all your fans informed with what is happening in your life. That means so much to us.


  3. April 28th.
    You're welcome Dear Lady. I hope you will think of us as always being there to support you. All of you in C.W. It was so wonderful to see all of you at The Greek Theatre once again.
    And it was lust such a beautiful show. I was brought to tears several times.
    I took my Mom to the show. She had the best time. I hope you don't mind my cheering so loud! Ha! hah!
    I know you all work so hard, doing what you do. I assure you. The end result of that night, was a memory that I will charish the rest of my life. As was Wilkes Barre, and your previous visit to The Greek Theatre.
    For all the hard work and effort that you, and the rest of the group put into this project, from all of us at your forum/ fan site, The Mairead Nesbitt Fan Forum.
    Love, blessings, all our hopes & prayers, our admiration, and our thanks be with you. Always.
    Sincerely & respectfully yours,
    Glenn, A.K.A. The Rotten Rebel

  4. Mairead,
    It's really cool that you and Lisa got to work together in a setting outside of CW. I can't wait to see the movie, and I hope the rest of the tour goes well for all of you. See you in July!
    Chris Brillante

  5. With you and Lisa together, it has to be good.

  6. Hi Máiréad,

    good news! Think it was the best decision for quality in film-music for this genre. Surely, one point of view is also a better marketing-strategie in reference to the last production in 2008.

    But the traditional way of thinking of the old "Walt" Disney was always to produce a high level of film-music with the best musicians, soloists and orchestras to that point in time. It was guaranteed! One of the many masterpieces like FANTASIA or famous documentaries should be pointed out.

    Producing a piece of art- that was the mission from that time on. And it's also yours, Lisas and Joels misson too.

    Yes, a good choice is Demetria Devonne „Demi“ Lovato (a little bit of Spanish, Italian, Irish family) wellknown from Camp Rock. She is an eye-catcher and a good performer. Hope they will produce a nice trailer on Tinky-DVD with you all.

    Well then!
    Kindest regards,

  7. HI. I really enjoy listening to the music that you play. I am a big fan. I am hoping to see you when you come to Georgia next month. Hopefully I will get to go.

  8. Dear Mairead,

    What wonderful news about Tinkerbelle and Lisa joining you! One may think that by the third movie the entire Celtic Woman ensemble will be on the sound track!

    It is such a lovely vehicle for your beautiful airs and the marvelous voice of Lisa. We called your forum the enchanted forest long before we knew any of this. Several graphics with yourself and Tink were posted too well in advance. Little did any of us know the reality you would be living all too soon. We're so very happy and proud of you for all the marvelous things happening in your life that brings joy to so many others.

    Disney and You? Disney and Celtic Woman? Seems like a perfect fit for many more sound tracks to come. Mr. McNeely, like David Downes is a true craftsman and fine artist. How blessed they are both to work with you and you to work with them. Keep us informed about the time and place of the premier as your fans/friends would love to be there to support you. Yes, maybe even bring more of those now familiar fiddler crossing signs. Thank you Mairead, and you're welcome.

    Scott and your forum

  9. Hello Máiréad,

    It looks like the Pixie Dust is starting to really affect Celtic Woman and us fans!

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful talents to this project. It's fantastic to hear that Lisa got to add her talents as well.

    I'm not sure whom is more excited about the new Tinker Bell movie, my daughters or me.

    Please be safe and travel well,

    PS, I suspect that there will be many more Fiddler Crossing signs in the future and I want to thank those fans at the Greek Theatre for supporting you in front of all of your new Disney friends.

  10. Máiréad,

    Storms in Africa. Enya
    Hear it as strings, hear the lead violin, extent and improvise.

  11. I love your playing, Máiréad, and I love Tinker Bell! I can't wait to see the movie!

    I'm a hopeless fan of Celtic Woman. Ever since I discovered it on PBS, I've been teaching myself Irish and listening to little but Celtic Woman. I love Si Do Mhaimeo I and Granuaile's Dance best. My favorite thing to say in Irish is "Ta an ghrian ag soilsiú."

    I've played the violin since I was five (I'm 13 now) so I've been learning many of your songs while waiting for you to come to the Paramount in Oakland! Another thing I can't wait for! I wish that I could play with you!

    You'll love the Paramount Theater. It is truly beautiful- a dull exterior, but the inside is like a different world! Again, I can't wait!

    I saw you and CW on Dancing With The Stars. I was sad that you were up on that pedestal thing, and not 'dancing' around. I love watching you move!

    Slán agat,

  12. Lisa Kelly was recording for Tinker Bell too?:) How Great!:) Celtic Woman's fame and magic spreads, that is very good, and much more important, than anyone thinks:)Enough to say, that entertainment is the less important part of this importance:)

    After few decades of living in Peter Pan's shadow, Tinker Bell becomes a real star!:) Yes, emancipation is everywhere... Who needs men anyway?:)))
    Only (this malicious) MoonDragon is a little bit sad, becouse he would like to be a fairy too. True, he can fly, but... 10tons-fairy?:)

    Anyway, I'm glad to hear (read:)), that things are going so well, Best Wishes From The Silver GLobe!:)
    I have a question... Is there any connectiom between magic wand, and violin bow?:)

    (No, no! You malicious MoonDragon, I'm not going to buy You a violin! I respect Solar System to much... :))

  13. Mairead I love you baby!
    you are my inspiration!
    I play violin Mairead thinking of you! *-*
    love love love love you!

    I love Mairead!!
    I love Mairead!!
    I love Mairead!!
    I love Mairead!!
    I love Mairead!!
    I love Mairead!!
    I love Mairead!!

  14. Mairead, has been present here in Brazil!
    Do everything you see you in my way!
    Perfect, also a fairy dancing!

  15. Mairead,

    By now you have encountered Fiddler Crossing signs on both coasts, demonstrating that your forum members are nationwide (and as you know, worldwide!). Some of us will be there to support you wherever you are! We are of course proud of the role Lisa and yourself will play in this new Disney production! We had asked them to depict you as a cartoon character in the next one, so we'll be watching for that! You continue to amaze us with all your triumphs this tour! We'll definitely stay tuned for more!

    John Mann
    "Starman", a Mairead forum Moderator

  16. Hey there Mairead! It's great to hear that you are having a great time on the tour!! I so cannot wait until I can hear all of your songs from the Tinker Bell movie! I bet the song with Lisa Kelly will be amazing! Thank you so much for keep us up to date with all of your happenings!! Have a good week, Mairead!


  17. Heya Mairead!
    I love listening to film scores so I'm very excited about this! You should have been doing this sooner.

    Also, I studied W.B. Yeats at college this past semester in my lit. class and his poetry was by far my fav! Great to see you like him too.
    Thanks for the blogs and twits!


  18. Hi Mairead,

    I would like to thank you and everyone else at Celtic Woman for the two wonderful performances that I saw at the Sacramento, CA. and Oakland, CA. shows. I really enjoyed the whole show (I thought it was BRILLIANTLY done in many different ways- lighting effects, music selection and arrangement, etc.) I especially liked the music done by you, Brian Conner (the piano player), and the other musicians. I also love your CD, "Raining Up" - this is really nicely done, GREAT MUSIC!!! I would like to thank everyone again for the two fantastic evenings of entertainment that I will never forget. I hope that I am able to see all of you perform again soon.

    Take care and hope all of you enjoy the rest of the tour,


  19. hi Mairead!!!i looooveeee your music, you're so energetic i just love you!!it's great that you'll be participating in this movie soudtrack, you're great!!!!
    i hope someday you'll come to Mexico...

    I LOVE YOU!!!!!


  20. Hi mairead

    great music with the first tinkerbell movie
    Up for round 2 and have fun
    greatings and best wishes kat

  21. I just wanted to pop in and say how much your show ROCKED in Salt Lake City last week! I have been a fan since your group started and to see you all in person was fantastic! Thanks for putting on such an amazing performance! You are all so incredible and how you run around on the stage like you do when you're playing your fiddle is beyond me! Love it! ~Stacy~

  22. Hi,Mairead !
    I love you!
    You are an example to be followed!
    I started my course in violin because I admire you very much!
    Congratulations on making the film and the work of disney!
    Excuse the errors of English,

    Eu amoo você!
    Você é um exemplo a ser seguido!
    Eu comecei meu curso de violino porque te adimiro muito!
    Parabéns pela tornê e pelo trabalho no filme da disney!

  23. Simply wonderful
    Just can´t wait for the moment to listen to it and to see the film
    Greetings from my little site: "Hadas en vuelo" (Faeries in fly)

  24. Dear Mairead
    Great to hear from you. If you remember, I was the one that kept smiliing and giving a standing applause after the each show at the Orange County Performing Arts, The Greek, Mc Challum Theater, and the Santa Barbara Bowl!!!!! I just found out that someone heard me say "We LOVE YOU" when chloe was giving her speech, hope I didn't throw her off. Thank you for being so gracious and having kind words at the meet and greets. Did you get a chance to use that gift certificate to In N Out that I got you and the girls? Best always and please come back to see California real soon. You're the best,
    Love always