Friday, April 24, 2009

Birthday/ Dancing with the Stars/ Tinker Bell!

Hi Everyone!

What a week it's been!

Firstly I want to say thank you so much for all the Birthday wishes!
It was a lovely day with lots of very thoughtful gifts from everyone.
The lovely bow I received from the Máiréad Fan Forum was an amazing surprise-thank you so much!

We had an amazing time in L.A. doing Dancing with the Stars.
Everybody was so lovely to us, the sound and band were incredible and we also had our own choir with us. We enjoyed it so much!
Here's the link!

and some pics!

Coupled with that, I did the recordings for the second Tinker Bell movie, Tinker Bell The Lost Treasure.
What an amazing experience and honour to be playing once again on such a beautiful and inspired score composed by Joel McNeely.
It was like stepping in to the very warm feeling of a family when I got to the studio and I thoroughly enjoyed my time there.
I can't wait to see and hear the new movie!

We have just finished our night in Costa Mesa where the audience was explosive!
We will be travelling to L.A. tomorrow for our concert in the Greek Theatre.
I am really looking forward to seeing everyone and especially all my friends from Disney who are coming to see the show.
See you all at the Greek!

Le grá,



  1. Hi Mairead,
    I think all your fans would have liked to have seen more of you on Dancing With The Stars, but we're an insatiable bunch. I'm sure the appearance, albeit a brief one, will increase your fan base and fill more seats during the remainder of the tour. DWTS probably had a spike in their ratings because CW was there. There were a lot of folks watching just because Celtic Woman was there. It was nice to see the choir get some visibility. Everyone looked really stoked, and the audience seemed very appreciative. I suppose as performers it's nice to feel a different energy or buzz from time to time to recharge your enthusiasm. I suspect the Greek Theatre will be rocking tonight.
    Thanks for taking time in the midst of all your other activities to share some of your thoughts as the tour progresses. We can never get enough.
    Wishing you all safe travels along the way and look forward to seeing you when you get to Virginia.


  2. Dear Máiréad,
    many years ago in far-east the chinese philosoph LAO-TSE mentioned that "A thousand miles journey starts with a one single step..."
    To the beginning of your childhood your single step gaves finaly the go-ahead to conquer the universe of traditional and classical music.
    Now a days we all know that this one was more than thousand miles long- like A New Journey to the Isle of Hope!

    Enduring in captivating our hearts, in teaching us this old cosmic language which was remembered by everyone- instinctly understood by the heart- lost in time and forgotten how to speak- recognized in a peaceful loving smile of your countenance...

    What could we more desire? You bring so much joy to us!

    Your b-day was filled with engagements and with pleasure- with a lot of presents by your fans, friends, colleagues and dearest wishes from the extending family at heart which could'nt shared this special moment close to you.

    Now, a new year of creative power starts with your exceptional work on Tinker Bell, going on with the rest of Isle of Hope tour and finaly the DVD/TV production with promotion for it. I believe that there will be much more kept in store for you Máiréad- it's only the beginning after this first single step LAO-STE mentioned.

    By the way a big thank to the members of your forum. The incredible work of them in investigating and writing detailed reviews from all point of sight and locations in USA is always wonderfull and powerfull- and we'll be well informed about all the facts and feelings right in time.

    To David a heartfelt embrace and backslapping for his professional work on this project and let us say that his hunch proved to have been right all along...

    And last but not least we should give a hyper thank to your mom and dad- without them this fairy tale would'nt be possible to read.

    It's a real heaven sent-blessing!
    Thank you for beeing and fiddling on earth Máiréad,
    with all my heart,
    alles Liebe und Gute aus Hamburg,

  3. Mairead,
    Awesome to hear your birthday was great. Also, I loved your performance on "Dancing...". You all looked gorgeous, and I'm glad you had lots of fun.
    Enjoy the performance in California!

  4. I glad you enjoyed your Birthday and your gifts And your Appearence on dancing with the stars, AND your Recording Sessions with the new Tinkerbell Movie! (Geez, Your a Busy lady!)

    I hope you continue to blow everyone away through out the end of this tour! Cant wait for the DVD!

    Keep Fiddling! ^.^


  5. Oh! Blessings Dear Lady! Thank You So Much For Posting About Your "B" Day Presents From All Of Us On Your Forum.
    We Hope You Know, That Incredibow Came, Wrapped With Love, Warm Hugs, And Joy. From All Of Us At The maireadnesbittfanforum.
    We Do Know You Have Been So Busy Lately.
    Your Friends There, Want You To Know That We Will Always Be There For You, Should There Ever Be A Cause.
    Happy Belated Birthday Dear Lady, It Is Always Great To Hear From You. See You Tonight, At The Greek Theatre.
    Look For The Fiddler Crossing Sign. Once Again, I will Be There, With A Smile On My Face, And Tears Of Joy In My Eyes.
    In Closing Dear Lady. For All You Do, For All The Beautiful Music You Share With All Of Us.
    With So Much Love In Our Hearts, We Say, With Smiles On Our Faces, And Tears Of Joy In Our Eyes...
    Thank You.
    Glenn, A.K.A. The Rotten Rebel
    Resident Of The Mairead Nesbitt Forum

  6. Happy Birthday! Glad you enjoyed all your presents. We saw you on Dancing with the Stars! Great show and great performance. What fun!! Hope you enjoyed Froggie Bell in her Tinker Bell suit. Congrats on the new and upcoming movie! I'm sure I will be taking my grandchildren to see it soon! Kindest regards, Jenny

  7. Mairead,

    It was so great to see you on Dancing with the stars!! it was a beautiful performance!
    I can't wait to see the new Tinkerbell Movie!!

    Lots of Love and Good Wishes for the rest of your tour,

    Wickie xxxx

  8. Dear Mairead,

    Thanks so much for taking the time to post a blog amidst your incredibly busy schedule.

    The gifts from your forum in Dallas were given with the highest regard and great thought and effort went into them. We wanted it to be the most special of birthdays for you. So glad you like the fiddle bow! It should be something you can enjoy at gigs and sessions for a long time to come. It certainly won't replace the one you use on tour as that is top of the line, but should be fun nevertheless.

    We're all so excited about your role in the new Tinkerbelle movie and can't wait for its release in the fall. The wonderful combination of yourself and Joel McNeely made the first Tink movie truly magical.

    How exciting also that you and the others received valuable exposure on a widely watched national TV show. I seldom watch TV but had to watch that. For me the two best parts of the show were your performance and the doctors who talked about the condition dancers have to be in and the risks they take. I thought of you the whole time they were talking. You have to be in incredible condition to do what you do the way you do it night after night. As for the appearance itself, the others were very well represented. I did think, though, that your role was far too abbreviated and that it did not reflect the important role you play. But, what is good for the group will be good for you too.

    You're in the middle of a long, exhausting tour not just with concerts but all the other things you're doing. All of us in your forum and no doubt other people keep you and the others in our prayers for safe travels, good health, and great performances. All our love and best wishes, Mairead. See you, God Willing, at Wolf Trap.

    Scott and your forum

  9. Mairead, thank you for posting an update even though you are very busy. I am glad that you liked the gifts from your forum fans. I thought you all were amazing on Dancing with the Stars, it sounds like it was a great experience for you all. I am also excited to hear that the next Tinker Bell movie is in the works, I loved the first one and am anxious for the next one. I am sure your music will make the movie just come alive.

    Take care Mairead, see you at Red Rocks.

    Destiny (Celtic Fiddle Chick)

  10. Dearest Maireaad,
    Thank you, and the rest of CW so much. For the wonderful show last night at The Greek Theatre in Los Angeles. Pure Magic!
    I hope you saw a Fiddler Crossing sign in the audiance that night.
    Glenn, A.K.A. The Rotten Rebel was chearing at the top of his voice that night, having truly the best night!
    All the ladies you work with were in top form that night. And my goodness! You looked so beautiful.
    I think it was just as wonderful a night, as was our time together at Wilkes Barre. I must say, that Dear Chloe just blew me away that night. WOW! What a voice! Several times, I broke into tears.
    For more about my thoughts, please visit your Forum Web Site. You'll get the full write up.
    I hope the extensive legnth of this tour isn't causing any of you too much stress. Yes, your friends worry about you.
    In closing, again. Thank you So MUCH! For sharing your love of music with people like me.
    I can't wait to hear more, but by the same token, don't mind the wait. Thank you. Hugs Dear Lady!
    Be well, be happy, and I wish you safe journey, wherever you go. Once again,
    Sincerely & respectfully yours,
    Glenn, A.K.A. The Rotten Rebel

  11. What a gift you are to the world! So glad your birthday was a special time for you. DWTS was an incredible moment for all of us to once again cheer you on and sit with pride as we enjoy our Celtic Woman family. We, who love you all so much, know how special you are and now more of the world does too. Congratulations on all of your Disney accomplishments...only you, Mairead can pull if off with such class and style! Blessings, dear Lady. See you in Seattle!
    Rosie Allen

  12. Hi, Máiréad! Congratulations on recording for the new Tinkerbell Movie and on your performance on Dancing With the Stars!! It was fantastic! Looking forward to hearing you once again on Tinkerbell as well! I trust you are doing well, along with the rest of CW. My heart is with you in your upcoming CW show(s). They'll be awesome I know. Just wish I could be there. ;) Take care and God Bless you!!


  13. Dear Mairead,

    It seems one fantastic coup after another is yours this tour! Your fans are ecstatic about your role (and Lisa's!) in the new Tinker Bell movie! I suspect the Disney folks seeing the show may come up with more projects for you all (they will if they are wise). We are hoping they have acted on our suggestions to include your depiction as an on-screen character!

    We from your devoted fan forum hope you like your Incredi-bow and other birthday gifts! We are indebted to forum administrator Scott Manke for spearheading the effort behind these and for his tireless efforts on your behalf. We are most proud of your every triumph!

    John Mann/Starman, Mairead forum moderator

  14. Wow this sure is late... but I just joined....
    I had a great time seeing you at the Greek Theatre! Only once it happened it didn't feel long enough. :( Being in the presents of such Angels totally made time fly by I was having such an amazing experience!
    You did fantastic! Loved your entrance at the very beginning! :) So cool!!
    You are the reason I still play the violin, it's so nice to know that maybe someday I could be as good as you. :)
    I hope to get to see you perform again.... even if I have to drive almost an hour and a half to get to my destination, like we did for the Greek.

    lots of <3
    A.K.A Katie Leann