Monday, October 12, 2009

First Five Shows and Foxy Fender!

Hiya Everyone

We are well on the way into the start of the Fall leg of our Isle of Hope Tour with the first five shows done.
The shows have been going so well and the support of the audiences and our dedicated fans has been second to none! Thank you all so much!

We are on our way to Sioux Falls for our sixth show of the tour. It is supposed to be snowing there tomorrow and we're looking forward to seeing a white blanket and having our first snow ball fight this year!

Tinker Bell The Lost treasure CD is out and I had the pleasure of signing a few copies at our Meet and Greet tonight in Moline. Thank you to those who said they love it and keep an eye out for the DVD that's out very soon!
Both Lisa and myself enjoyed working on the beautiful score by Joel McNeely so much.
I can't wait to see it!

We're very excited to have our new DVD and CD Songs from the Heart coming out for the holidays. We will be having our own screening soon with the whole company. It will be so great to watch it in a relaxed space and make a night of it! Those of you who made the long trip to Powerscourt House and Gardens to see the show, know how beautiful the place is and how amazing it will look. I am very excited to see and hear the end result!

The material for my concert in the New Year with the Berne Symphony Orchestra is shaping up nicely and I am so excited about it. My brother Karl is going to grace the stage with me with his versatility on all those instruments that he plays so well.
The brilliant harpist Andreja Malir is orchestrating a suite by Colm Ó Foghlú, Joel McNeely has composed and orchestrated the stunning Tinker Bell Suite and of course David Downes has a gorgeous Suite composed and orchestrated by him. I am incredibly fortunate to have all this inspired and inspiring music to play to ring in the New Year in beautiful Berne, Switzerland.

Lastly and certainly not least, I want to thank three fantastic men who, along with the rest of our crew, work so hard with us on tour. In the middle of all this work, they organized, set up and presented me with the most amazing gift, with so much thought and detail. Larry Jacobski and Joe Fronek gave me a beautiful Fender Violin called Foxy! Those are the pics above! Foxy also has been 'blessed' by an Indian lady which the baby Eagle feathers convey. The feathers are only used when they have fallen off the Eagle. She also named me Little Running Fox, a name which I am honored to have.
Larry and Joe also went and got a Marshall Amp and a row of pedals called the Pod. This was all set up by Doug Trez in a room very secretly on our first show day!
I was, and am, completely blown away! All this in a clever road case to house everything. Being Hendrix fans like myself, they suggested that since the violin is called 'Foxy', the amp should be called 'Lady'!
That's a great idea! I will definitely be practicing my Hendrix now! I still can't believe it!
Thank you so much guys for this incredibly thoughtful gift which I will treasure forever.

That's all the news for now! Keep well and enjoy the music!

Le grá,



  1. Hi Máiréad,
    As always, nice to hear from you. Little Running Fox fits very well. Very cool gift, hope we get to hear it sometime. Any chance the New Year show will be recorded? Doesn't seem likely it will be televised in the states. Bummer!
    Wishing safe travels to you and the rest of the touring family.

  2. Hi Mairead,

    First I want to thank you and all the ladies for that wonderful Show in Paducah October 9th where we celebrated Chloe that night. That was a Show that will always be remembered.

    Love those pictures, and I am sure all those gifts will be treasured for life.

    Now about you and all the exciting things that will be happening in your life; Tinker Bell The Lost Treasure, Songs From the Heart CD`s and DVD’s and so much more going on in your life, it is a wonder you keep up with everything and perform almost every night with Celtic Woman at that World Class level of performance. Then I think of who you are and I know, Mairead can do anything you set your mind to do. Thank you Mairead for all that you do.


  3. Wow! Such great things happening for you Mairead, you deserve every bit of it too!
    That Fender Violin is just beautiful! As for support? You will always have it from your friends on your Forum.
    You bring so much joy to our hearts, with every gentile smile, and with every sweet note.
    Looking forward to seeing you again soon, I am just so excited and happy for you and the rest of CW.
    And whatever would Tinkerbell do without you?
    Blessings to you Dear Lady, your family, and all of C.W.
    Sincerely & respectfully yours,
    Glenn, A.K.A. The Rotten Rebel
    Moderator, Mairead Nesbitt Fan Forum

  4. What an incredible gift for you, Mairead! Such a treasure. I sure wish I could be there for your New Year's sounds amazing. Thanks for kepping in touch,

  5. Dear Máiréad,

    Thank you for the new blog so quickly on the heels of the other.

    I have to tell you that your supporters are very anxious to say the least about viewing the Powerscourt show. They are also pleased about Tinker Bell and can't wait for that DVD either.

    Yes the first shows have been wonderful! You have been a fireball on stage and all of us attending have been thrilled. Your forum folks, myself included, thank you for the kind attention from the stage. There were many first timers and your forum continues to grow from that as I and others promote you.

    What a fine gift of that violin and thanks for the photos. You continue to receive wonderful gifts from those you have inspired and impressed and deservedly so.

    Enjoy the snow and that first snowball fight! Might be time to use that fiddler crossing jacket to keep the chill off. Hope you'll enjoy that from your forum and get some good use out of it. Mine certainly gets plenty of looks and is a great tool to start up conversation and promote you and the group.

    Safe travels, God's blessings, thank you for the birthday message on the photo the other night, and have a great tour! See you in a month or so in the southwest.

    All the best, Scott and your forum

  6. Hi, Máiréad! It's wonderful, as always, to hear from you! What an amazing, particularly special gift! You do so much for others, it's really special it is being returned to you. Thank you so much for everything. I look forward to seeing you and everyone in 3 1/2 weeks! Take care and God Bless you!


  7. What a beautiful violin. That was very generous of them to do all of that for you.

    I am glad to hear that the tour is going well so far and am looking forward to seeing the new DVD in November.

    I purchased the Tinker Bell soundtrack and am very pleased with the work that you and Lisa have done. I have had the movie on pre-order since April and am looking forward to finally seeing it later this month.

    Take care, hope the rest of the tour goes well and I will see you on Oct.16th.


  8. Mairead,
    Thanks for posting another great blog! ;) I always look forward to hearing from you!

    Sounds like y'all are off to a great start on the fall tour! I am so anxious for the release of the new CD and DVD! It's gonna be great!!

    I hope the tour continues to go wonderfully!! Be safe and have fun!! ;)


  9. Oh girl, that violin is badass.

    So are the boots, by the way. Love those. You are such a fashionista, Mairead.

  10. Mairead what an awesome gift you got! Hope to see you next Spring!


  11. Mairead,

    Thank you for your interesting and timely blog! You know your fans dote on every word!

    I see you are now equipped to produce Hendrix-like sounds to your heart's content! As you are probably aware, a large amp capable of producing heavy feedback is necessary to duplicate Hendrix sound. Your new Marshall amp has what looks to be four 12 inch speakers, which is easily sufficient to do it! Easy on the neighbors, though! :)

    We look forward to seeing you for the remainder of the fall US tour and of course, back in the Spring!

    A Maireadfanforum Moderator

  12. What a wonderful and thoughtful gift you received. I look forward to hearing it played by you some day. I saw the concert in Wisconsin Dells, and wish to thank you and the rest of the cast and crew for a WONDERFUL concert. Thank you for sharing your wonderful gift with the rest of the world.

  13. Máiréad, o violino que você ganhou é lindo!!
    Saiba que você tem muitos fans no Brasil! =)

  14. Mairead,
    Looking forward to seeing you in Pasadena on the 21. Love to hear you sing from your spirit, coming through your fiddle! Hope I get to meet you, missed last time. Blessings, John Cochrane

  15. As always... thinking about you! best wishes Andy

  16. Mairead:) Thank you so much for signing my ipod yesterday. You are so amazing!! I really loved your performance yesterday!! I hope that you have a well deserved rest after the show tonight at Long Beach and hopefully you like my gift yesterday. Joanne :)


  18. Hi Mairead! I know this will probably sound cliche and tired, but you're my idol, and you're amazing! I saw the Songs From the Heart special on PBS and nearly passed out from excitement! (Imagine what'll happen when I go to a concert, haha) I just wanted to say thank you for giving a teen girl something to aspire to,(the dream of being a member of CW, though it's a unreal dream) and for being the coolest musician out there. Thank you so much!
    Much blessings from Elizabeth :D