Sunday, December 20, 2009

Happy Holidays and New Year!

Hi Everyone!

You must be nearly ready for Christmas and the Holidays!

It has been a busy time and I'm getting to do my blog now at last!

We had such a great tour, thanks to you all.
We had a fantastic week after our tour of promoting our new DVD
and tour Celtic Woman, Powerscourt House and Gardens, coming to the U.S. in Febuary,
We ended that week with the amazing honor of playing at the National Christmas Tree Lighting 2009 in President's Park, Washington for The First Family and all who were there AND all of you who watched online!
It was the most fantastic day and we got to meet President Obama and his family, Joe Biden and his family, and the fabulous artists that were playing that night.
Here's a link to the ceremony if you havn't seen it.

There are some lovely photos from that day and night so keep an eye for those coming up after the holidays!
I can't describe the feeling to be playing there on such a momentous and historic occasion- it was really special.

I have my concert with the Berne Symphony Orchestra coming up on the 2nd January, 5pm, at the Grosse Salle, Kulture Casino in Berne, Switzerland.
I am very excited to be going over to spend New Year with the BSO and playing music by Joel McNeely, David Downes and
Colm Ó Foghlú.
It will be a special night with acclaimed artists performing.
I am very happy that Karl Nesbitt is performing alongside me, I'm looking forward to getting to play music with my brother again in public! It's been far too long!
Here is a link to the details of the BSO concert.


It just remains for me to wish you all a very Happy Christmas, Happy Holidays and an even better New Year. Thank you all for your support and keep music in your lives!
I will see you all on tour in the New Year!

Le grá,



  1. Merry Christmas Mairead! SftH was amazing! Can't wait to see you in Charlotte on Feb 18th!

  2. Merry Christmas, Máiréad! Have a great time in Switzerland! I'm looking forward to seeing you on tour next year. It's gonna be fantastic. :)


  3. Have a Merry Christmas and a great New Year to you and your family..

  4. Merry christmas for you and your fameli
    And have fun with your brother in switzerland

  5. Happy holidays to you and your family!! Loved Songs from the Heart and can't wait to see the live tour;)

  6. Mairead, I wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas. It is so sweet of you to take time from your busy schedule to post a blog for your fans. Thank you. See you in February.

  7. Merry Christmas, Máiréad!! I wish you the very best with your concert in Switzerland!! Have a blessed holiday season and I look forward to seeing you in South Bend!


  8. For some reason the comment I made yesterday did not work so I will try it again.

    I want to wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. You are so sweet. Thank you for your kind words for your fans.


  9. Merry Christmas from your friends in the enchanted forest. Best wishes on the Swiss concert to you and Karl. Too bad it isn't being recorded as it will likely be lovely. The new show will be very nice on tour I'm sure.

    Scott and your forum

  10. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you sweetie... Loved ya'll in Augusta,GA. Looking forward to seeing you and the girls in Greenville,SC.. It's about a 3 hr drive but your worth it. God Bless and love you all...

  11. My posts are usually not published, I do not know why, maybe someone do not like MoonDragons?:) He really is likeable, if he brushes his teeth, of course... Otherwise, You feel smoke:)
    Anyway, I'll try once again - I would like to wish
    to Mairead,
    Mairead's Violin,
    Mairead Violin's four strings,
    other Mairead's Violins and it's strings,
    and all fiary-tales characters, who live among humans,
    and also whole "Celtic" community, very beautiful, spiritually inspiring Christmas, and very busy New Year:)))Busy, but not without some time just to be with Yourself - music comes from the inner source, so - as I believe - it is good idea, to visit this hidden place, which is not really hidden:)

    Let The music keep You all in it's Life!:))) ) )))

    (and - this malicious - MoonDragon, who is still trying to play violin, he has even invented new style - MoonFolk!... NO, You would not like to hear it... Let'a not destroy Christmas mood... :))

    All the MoonBest!:)

  12. Happy and Joyous holiday wishes to you and yours, dear Mairead! You have had a triumphant year, as you have described for us in your blogs and which we have witnessed ourselves! You're sure to have many more with the release of the upcoming Songs From the Heart DVD, which millions have already gotten a taste of from the PBS station broadcasts throughout the US!

    We in the Maireadfanforum hope to increase our numbers among your many fans through increased visibility among them. We feel there are many more who would join to celebrate and support you if they knew of our presence. We have been blessed this year through the tireless efforts of extremely dedicated forum leaders, most notably Scott Manke, who has worked tirelessly through the year on your behalf (and at great personal expense).

    Many blessing to you during this time of rest and renewal! We look forward to seeing you on tour in the coming year and to your media releases! You are a constant joy to us and a role model to all women, which we would like to see more emulated throughout the American public, especially!

    John Mann/Starman
    A Maireadfanforum Monderator

  13. Mairead,

    May you have peace and joy spent with family and friends this Christmas, and may the coming New Year bless you in everything you do and wherever you go. Your beautiful smile and sweet spirit lifts hearts and the way you play is unequaled in its beauty.

    Jim Allen

  14. Hey Máiréad.

    Greetings from the road! I hope you had a wonderful holiday with family and friends. Best wishes on the upcoming concert. I'm sure it will be fantastic.

    Take care,

  15. Dear Mairead:You Lady are such an amazing Volinist,Artist and the most Lovelist Dancing performer I have ever seen!''In A Few Words;Totaly Wonderful!Luv What ya DO,Lady!''You bring life to the stage.Keep going Lady!Luv always Bobby J.Howell.I still think you are Superb Miss.Mairead!

  16. Happy Holidays Miss.Mairead,You are the most Superb Volinist/Artist/Dancer and you bring life to any stage around the world Lady!Luv Ya Always!In a few words;Just Wonderful!''Bobby''