Sunday, February 28, 2010

Songs From The Heart!

Hi Everyone!!

O, it's been a while I know!

We're almost at the end of our first three weeks of our tour with our new show, Songs From The Heart.
It has really flown!
Shortly after my concert in Switzerland with the BSO, it was into the groove again with David in Ireland rehearsing for the upcoming tour and for fittings with the brilliant Sy O' Mahony for our amazing gowns for our new show.

We were in New York doing some promo for a week before our rehearsals in Roanoke,Virginia from the 3rd to the 8th, and then our concert there on the 9th. Our tour had officially started!

I have to say, I am really enjoying the new show with it's new set, stage, lighting, sound and especially the music and the way it is spaced during the concert.
The stage is a dream for me and perfect for what I love to do.
Musically, I love the way the numbers flow and I'm so constantly amazed by Lisa, Chloe, Lynn and Alex during every show that, as engrossed as I am listening at the side of the stage, I sometimes have to run on for my solos!

We have had the most fulfilling three weeks, most of all the last few days in New York.
We had the honor of having the PS22 Chorus sing with us in Radio City Music Hall and the experience was magical! What lovely, beautiful kids and what beautiful music they sing, with their teacher Gregg Breinberg.
Check out their blog and some pics and clips of them starring with us in New York on Youtube singing 'You Raise Me Up' and 'Spanish Lady'!

It was such a wonderful experience listening to them alongside us on the stage of Radio City Music Hall and also when we went to their school to rehearse and really get to enjoy each others' company!
We had so much fun!

Check out the pics and performances of 'Empire State of Mind PT. XXII' and 'When You Believe'.
NY1 were at PS22 the day we went there to meet and make some music with the PS22 Chorus-
Check this out!

It's fair to say that we are PS22's biggest fans and will never forget our experience with them!
Their lovely singing and arrangements are still in our heads and even at our show tonight in Manchester,when we came to 'You Raise Me Up', we all had the arrangement in our heads! We missed you all so much tonight PS22!!
Thank you Gregg for being such an inspiration to them and thank you all for being such an inspiration to us!

Keep safe everyone and hope to see you all on our tour, thank you for all your support!

Le grá,


Pics by Ms.Lisa and Mrs.Johnson@


  1. Máiréad, thank you for the update. Those kids from PS22 are so adorable - and talented! Gregg has done a wonderful job with them, and the time they spent with you made memories that will last all their lives. Watching all the videos again and again, we're overwhelmed by the sheer joy of the experience.

  2. Oh Máiréad, that is just so fantastic!

    I am so glad that you girls had a fabulous time with the PS22 Chorus!!1 What a wonderful experience for you guys and them! :)

    I hear the show is just outstanding! My friends have been to the Greenville, SC concert, and other first shows at Roanoke!!! That makes me so exited to see you guys back here, at the Xcel Energy Center in St. Paul, MN!! - 22 and a half days!! :)

    You guys will be well warmed up for us Minnesotan's :D

    I cannot wait to see you and the girls! Have fun with the rest of the tour!

    With love,

  3. Mairead,

    Great hearing form you; and I too like the new stage and it should give everyone performing security in what they are doing while performing. The safety of all of you is our number concern. The new songs and the way they are performed by each of you ladies are so inspirational and beautiful, and they are spaced throughout the Show perfectly. I cannot say enough about how beautifully the singer sings these songs but also how the singer and you are living this as it is being performed. It is amazingly beautiful.

    All of you enjoyed being with and performing with the PS 22 Chorus and that was so evident on all of your faces, as it was with us as we got to see it on You Tube. Beautiful pictures and thank you for posting them.

    You are one busy lady, so stay safe and I look forward to seeing you on Birmingham.


  4. Hi, Máiréad!! Wonderful to hear from you again! Awesome to hear about your experience with ps22. Only 3 more weeks until I'll get to see you all again. I've been staying away from the spoilers so I'm eagerly anticipating seeing all the new things in the show for the first time in South Bend. Thank you for sharing the terrific pics. Take care and everyone be safe!

    Love Always,

  5. Hi Máiréad

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful time with us. The children loved it when you walked through the door for rehearsals. I know you are a true inspiration to many of those children.


  6. Hi Máiréad
    I am happy to hear that you are having a good time. Wish we could have been there for the concert with PS22. Heather said she wish she was one of those kids in PS22! :) We had a great time at the valentines concert in Greenville . We hope that you got the valentine gifts we sent you all. Looking forward to seeing you in Birmingham and Jacksonville.
    Take care of you.
    La grá
    Susan & Heather ~ Bhm ,Alabama

  7. Máiréad,

    Always great to get a blog from you during the course of a busy tour! This one is particularly delightful with the photos and footage of the PS22 choir! It must have been such a delight for them and hopefully they will be your fans forever! I wouldn't be surprised if one or two new fiddlers come out of this! Be safe in your travels! Look forward to seeing you in shows later this month in Cleveland and Cincinnati!

    A Máiréadfanforum Moderator

  8. Thank you Máiréad! It has been a great tour for you so far and it was great to have been there to launch the show in Roanoke. You are each such naturals with kids and the PS22 videos are real treasures. Safe travels, God's blessings, and we'll see you for your birthday in April.

    Le grá, Scott

  9. Congratulations from all of us in the Máiréad Nesbitt fan forum for such a fine start to the Songs From The Heart tour. So many memorable moments and not even a month gone by yet!!!

    Beginning with that first marvelous show in Roanoke (including a Celtic Woman inspired forum wedding with TV coverage!), and through the sweet performances and interaction with PS22, it has been truly special. Much more to come no doubt!

    You continue to inspire and your forum has now passed 300 members thanks to your support, energy, and inspiration. Each of us are so proud of you and feels blessed to speak of you and promote you and your friends in some small way. You'll continue to see lots of familiar faces out there! Enjoy it all in this and subsequent tours here and abroad!

    All the best,

    Máiréad forum leadership team
    and members of The Enchanted Forest

  10. Thanks Mairead! I hope you have a wonderful time for the rest of the tour!

    Hello from Seattle!

  11. Hello there Mairead! It's great to hear that you're having a great time in your tour. I love the PS22 as well and I enjoyed watching the video when you visited them, they're lovely so as the five of you.

    May you have more great times in your tour, and have a safe trip!


  12. I just want to say that I had not heard of then until I moved to Ohio 2 years ago and I have fallen in love with them. I love listening to their music daily.

  13. dave said i had not heard of them until 2years ago and have become a groupy since. I can not get enough of them i listen to them as often as i can. Oh when, oh when, are you coming down under

  14. Thank you for sharing your time and gifts with students. As a private violin teacher I know firsthand what this means to their experience. I linked to your blog from your web site and have enjoyed learning about your training and experience. You can be sure that I will share with my students that you studied and practiced to learn both traditional and classical disciplines. Sometimes I think they and their parents expect them to wake up playing like professionals without any of the associated travail!

  15. Happy St. Patrick's day My dear Violinist!!!

    Thank you for sharing all your time with Celtic Woman...

    hope to see you someday here in Mexico
    You're my angel

  16. Dear Mairead,
    My husband and I so much enjoyed the concert in Cleveland. We drove from Findlay Ohio (about 3 hours south east of Cleveland), we are now trying to figure out how we could afford the 13 day Ireland Breath of Elegance tour of Ireland. We both have family that came from Ireland his grandma and my great grandma. It would so wonderfull if we could go when you and the other very talented ladies would be entertaining your fans back in Ireland. We wish you all a very safe and happy tour.

  17. Hello Máiréad,

    I saw the Songs from the Heart show last night in South Bend, Indiana. All I can say is wow! I'm speechless. I have a heart for music also and my heart came alive. I wish I could have been up there with you playing a drum (in fact I was air drumming in my seat way in the back row ha ha).

    Don't work too hard.

    WEA WINNEA BEA DAUNTED! (yeah I know, it's Scottish...but still) :)

  18. wish i could see you in jacksonville on april 17th but money and transportation are a problem.hope to see you and the rest live this year.thanks.

  19. wish i could see you in jacksonville on april 17th.i hope to see you live this year.your the one,keep going.