Thursday, December 31, 2009

Berne Rehearsals and Happy New Year!

Hiya All! This is a very short blog but I wanted to wish you all a Happy New Year and an amazing 2010!

I am in Berne at the moment and have had two rehearsals with the Berne Symphony Orchestra and Andrey Boreyko.
It has been a great two days and we are off for New Year's Eve and tomorrow New Year's Day.

The rehearsals have gone very well so far and I have one more before the concert on the 2nd of January.
The orchestra and Andrey Borekyo are very dynamic, musical and sensitive and it is a really lovely experience.
The program for the concert can be seen on this link;

There are two links up on youtube from the rehearsals today....they are rehearsals now ok?! and I am concentrating on my playing at the rehearsals as it is such a rare and different experience to play with such an orchestra. I thought you might like to see this and to keep you posted!

Karl and all the soloists are really a joy to hear and watch.
The concert is sold out and I am delighted that I am here to spend New Year with Jim, Karl, Bláithín, Colm, Bruce and close friends.

I wish for my family, my close friends and all of you, a very Happy New Year with peace and happiness.

Le grá,



  1. A Happy New Year to you Máiréad!
    Thanks for sharing the rehearsal videos. I had hoped that the concert would be recorded but was advised by BSO that there would be no public release of recordings, audio or video. Oh well. Enjoy your stay in Switzerland, the Berner Oberland is a particlarly beautiful area. Peace and happiness to you!

  2. Thank you for those lovely videos. Have a wonderful performance. Great to see the ever talented Karl there. No doubt it will be a really fine show. Compliments to Jim for posting the videos. See you all very soon.

    Scott and your forum

  3. Beautiful music. Thanks Mairead for letting us get a glimpse of whats to come on the 2nd. Have a great time with the concert and a blessed and HAPPY NEW YEAR.

  4. Mairead,

    Thanks for sharing and the very best to you in 2010.


  5. Hey Máiréad,

    The videos are great as are the pics. Have a great time at the concert. Happy New Year!


  6. Dear Máiréad,

    Congratulations on the successful tours of 2009. Congratulations as well on the honor of the tree lighting ceremony in D.C.

    Best wishes to you and Karl for a wonderful performance in Berne tonight, and thank you for the photos and delightful videos. Those were very nice treats to start the new year.

    All the best to you from all of us in the leadership team and membership of your forum. Thank you for a wonderful 2009 and for your kind words of support. We'll see you in Roanoke with a large contingent to start the new show and tour off right for you all.

    Slán, MNFF

  7. Happy New Year to you and all of the Celtic Woman Family. I'm looking forward to meeting you and the group at the Meet and Greet in Memphis in April. I'm enjoying the new CD now.

    I know the concert in Berne was wonderful. I enjoyed the rehearsals on Youtube.

    If you talk to Maeve and Orla, tell them they are missed.

  8. Máiréad,

    Thanks for the behind-the-scenes glimpse. Sometimes it is easy for us to forget about that part of your work that is done when no audience is present.

    Karl is a very talented musician. How wonderful it must have been for you to share the stage with him for this performance.

    Wishing you a happy and prosperous new year, and eagerly awaiting your return to the U.S. in the coming months.


  9. What a lovely New Years treat for your fans, to see you in rehearsal for Swiss fans! They are certain to be appreciative of your talent and this opportunity to see you! We look forward to seeing you in the US beginning only next month!


  10. Thank you -- particularly for sharing your marvelous gift with us all, and have a wonderful New Year!

  11. Dearest Mairead,
    Warmest greetings from Glenn, A.K.A. The Rotten Rebel. From your Forum.
    Writing to send my best wishes for what I hope is a wonderful New year for you. Looks to me like a grand start too.
    Every time I hear news about you, It always seems to be so wonderful.
    What you have done with your gift of music is just so amazing. I feel so blessed to have come to know you as I have.
    Thank you Dear Lady, for calling me, your friend.
    Just so you know. Here is one person, whose life has been filled with joy and magic. Because of you, and what you do, with this incredible gift you have.
    Sincerest blessings for the new year, and thank you so very much.
    Your friend,
    Glenn W. Skinner
    A.K.A. The Rotten Rebel
    Mod. Mairead Nesbitt Fan Forum

  12. Dear Máiréad,

    Happy (belated) New Year!! I'm glad everything went so well for you in Berne and that you're able to spend the holiday with those dearest to you! Looking forward to seeing you in March!

    Lots of Love,

  13. HELLO!!...(^_^)...

    i don't know if you can ever read this post of mine, but i hope you can because i really want to ask this question....i'm very curious about this....where do you actually place your microphone when you perform?...(^_^?)....

    thank you...(^o^)...

  14. Hi Mairead,
    I have just returned to Nashville from the three Celtic Woman Shows in Roanoke. “Songs from the Heart” blew me away with the beauty of the songs being performed by these beautiful ladies, and all the new production and musical arrangements of the songs performed in this new Show, and of course your beautiful playing,
    You blew me away with your personal attention, and thank you, and you know I loved it.

    You are now an honorary member of the Roanoke MaireadFest 2010 Sixteen that attended that Show to honor you, and your button to prove it; and that all sixteen there received to wear to show our wholehearted support for you. What a great time we all had in doing this.

    Thank you,