Friday, March 18, 2011

St. Patrick's Day!

Hi All!
Thanks so much for all the support and messages here on my blog, guestbook and twitter.
I'm sorry it's taken so long to do a blog but at least twitter keeps everyone informed
day to day!

It's been a busy time and I hope you all had a great St.Patrick's Day yesterday! We had! and a busy one too!
The Today Show was fantastic and it so nice to be welcomed back by the lovely staff there. It was an early sound check at 5.30am and they could not have been more helpful and nice.
Our sound man Tom was fantastic and was there from 3.30am-thank you Tom!
We then had hair and make up with our amazing Lucy and Sara and then it was back to the NBC studios for the Today Show. Check out my twitter for pics too.

We then went to the beautiful Radio City Music Hall for our sound check for the show.
What a pleasure it is to be there every time! It was a challenge getting through the crowds that were out for the parade! Great outfits too! It was the first time in seven years we have been to NY on Paddy's Day, that it wasn't snowing! What a day! lovely sunshine.

We had a great sound check, dinner and then the show. The audience was fantastic and to look out onto Radio City Music Hall was breathtaking. What a beautiful place to perform, it never ceases to amaze me.

We arrived in Pittsburgh this morning. I've been lucky to see a lot of my relatives and extended family on this tour and on our last tour, tonight is one of those nights and that's always exciting for me.

The tour has been going great and I know you can all follow the day to day antics on twitter etc!....the audiences have been phenomenal and Lisa Lambe is incredible as our new Celtic Woman!
We all love her and welcome her to our family on the road!

There are, and have been, some really exciting projects for us. As well as all the touring, we did the theme song for the Japanese film, Princess Toyotomi. It was very special for us as it's the first time we've got to do a theme song for a film all together.
Our thoughts and prayers go out to the people of Japan at this time and we are constantly reminded every day how strong, noble, brave and resilient they are in the face of such tragedy.
We loved doing this song in the studio and hope you like it too.

Our European release of Songs From the Heart and our new album Lullaby kept us very busy with new songs when we got home from our last tour of the States, Australia and European trip. It is fantastic news too that Lullaby is no.1 in the World Music Charts and Songs from the Heart is up there in the top 12 of the main charts in Germany. All the hard work is worth it when that happens and when you get such positive feedback from everyone!

Our next project which was announced on twitter last night is our

Celtic Woman
A Christmas Celebration
The Symphony Tour

I am very excited about this and love playing with orchestras, it's such a powerful feeling.
This is from November 28th to December 22nd in the States. Details will follow on and on my site too.

Next year promises to be a busy one and thanks for all the well wishes and support.




  1. I watched y'all on the Today Show. Ni Sen La is one of my favorite songs y'all do. I saw in concert this month. You guys were amazing!:)


  2. Máiréad, my daughter and I saw you all perform at DPAC in NC a few weeks ago. The show was just fantastic. If The Symphony Tour comes anywhere close to us - we will be there!

  3. Hey Máiréad,

    Your posting is just fine. We all know you are very busy and we thank you for all you have done for us. It sounds like you are having so much fun. Yea, the weather has been good and the great thing is that the snow is about done.

    I am looking forward to hearing the symphony. I still remember when you performed with BSO last year. You are so diversified that you fit into any style with no problem.

    Wonderful performance on The Today Show. I hope your day was also filled with love and happiness.

    Take care and see you next month in Springfield.

    Rick Shears

  4. Love your blog as always Mairead! Love all the pics and updates you give us via twitter and we love being able to twitter back and forward with you guys and read the shenanigans between you all! Can't wait for Christmas now :D v. exciting. My prayers to Japan too :) hope all is well and best of luck for the rest of the tour :) Your birthday is fast approaching also very exciting!

    Stay safe and happy

    le grá go deo


  5. Dear Máiréad,

    Thank you for the lovely post. I spent all day in New York on Thursday and had a wonderful time. I watched the whole parade and it made me feel very Irish, even though I'm not. The pride that I saw from the pipers, drummers and marchers in the parade and, more importantly, from the spectators was very moving. It was amazing to watch everyone cheer for their own county as each banner passed by. I cheered for Tipperary on your behalf! It became very clear to me just how special it must be to be Irish. I'm just a little envious.

    The show Thursday night was also special and I felt a little different after seeing the parade. I now understand a little better why you are your own small family while on tour. It's an Irish thing!

    Thank you for the lovely tweets; it's so nice to be at least a little on the "inside" and you usually keep us in stitches. Love the "Love" shirt and the hat. You should have worn that hat on stage!

    I'm so happy that you get to stay in touch with family and friends while on tour. Even though you have your Celtic Woman family, nothing can replace your real one. Remember that you have another extended family in your fans as well.

    Thank you for all that you do. You are a wonderful ambassador not only for Ireland but for generosity, humility, and the right way to live life. As always, my wish for you is that everything you wish for comes true. Stay safe as you travel.

    Mike Brown
    Proud to be your Forum Administrator

  6. Hi Máiréad,
    So nice to hear from you in the midst of a very busy week of shows and travel. I don't know how you all are able to maintain the energy level. Nice to see the choir along with Andy and Ray on the Today show; a marathon day for everyone. What Chloe says about being the "hardest working group in show business" is so very true. I think you're also the most communicative. The tweets and Facebook postings from you ladies as well as Scott Porter and some of the choir members are definitely a treat for the fans.
    The Christmas show is a great idea and I'll be watching for details.
    I'm really looking forward to seeing you all in Charlottesville and again in Richmond and Norfolk. Until then, safe travels.

  7. Dear Máiréad,

    Thank you once again for another lovely blog post. Your fans are very grateful every time you take the time to do that.

    Your forum is very excited about this tour, the German tour, and the Christmas tour. Those fiddler crossing signs have been out there from opening night through last night in Pittsburgh. They'll continue to be right to the end of the tour in Texas. We have some special things planned too this year!

    You win more hearts every day around the globe and certainly have many in Japan. Amidst the tragedy we've had word that strains of your music drift through the air in places as the nation heals, rebuilds, and faces the ongoing challenges. Once again you prove what a healing force you are.

    Thank you for all the sacrifices you make to share your gift with the world. Give a hug to your new girl, Lisa Lambe, from all of us too. She is a gem and lots of great comments about her can be heard by forum members in the audiences.

    Have a wonderful rest of the tour, safe travels, and enjoy each and every night.

    Máiréad Nesbitt Fan Forum
    leadership team and members

  8. Ah, Máiréad, i can't wait for the christmas tour!
    Thank you for this blog post. =)

  9. What an amazingly active time for you all! Thank you for taking the time for posting to us here! These are such exciting developments! As stated in our forum message above, we are so very proud of you!

    I look forward to seeing you at several upcoming shows soon, beginning with the Ohio shows in April! Let us know if we can be of aid to you anywhere, anytime!

    A Máiréad Nesbitt Fan Forum

  10. Dear Máiréad,

    Thanks so much for the latest blog! I can always hear your voice when I read these.

    Great tour so far by all accounts. It was fun being there for the opening two shows and seeing Lisa Lambe just fit in like a glove. What a pro and what a great stage presence. I hope the rest of the tour goes well for you and your friends. Very excited about the Christmas shows! You and a symphony will be awesome.

    Thank you for your thoughts and prayers for Japan. My friend Brooke is over there having diverted from a trip to China. She has been using her medical skills to help the injured but of late mainly tending to children. She tells me she has been using Lullaby and Raining Up to help ease trauma in people. She's on Twitter and I know she'd love it if you'd tweet back to her.

    See you soon in April for your birthday along with lots of other forum folks to help make it a special night for you. Safe travels and God's blessings.

    All the best, Scott

  11. My husband, daughter and I just saw you with Celtic Woman a couple of weeks ago in Baltimore. A wonderful birthday treat for me!

  12. I have seen Celtic Woman three times and have enjoyed your shows more and more each time. Your performances move your audience and it is such a great experience to share with family and friends.

    One of my favorite parts of your shows is when you involve local school children in your performance. I was at your show in Radio City two years ago when you invited the choir from a New York City public school to join you. As an elementary school teacher, I know how important it is for children to be involved in a such a big show. Thank you for continuing to show your fans how much they mean to you.

    I am so excited for your Christmas tour later this year. I hope you will be visiting the New York City area again. I love your interpretation of traditional Irish songs and the Celtic Woman original songs as well. I also find it so inspiring that you are all so young and eager to keep your heritage alive. I cannot wait to see you again.

  13. Dear Máiréad
    Have just returned from your performance in Norfolk,VA and all of you ladies were incredible! Amazing energy from you with the violin. I have seen you perform via. television and heard some of the music and it truly was a dream come true to watch the Celtic Woman perform. Thank you for being so down to earth. I certainly hope to see the Celtic Woman again next year!

    Be safe and God Bless!


  14. I am so happy that my friend Colleen referred me to your blog! Being that my grandparents are from Ireland, I have always been interested in Celtic music. I am always up for discovering new musicians and would love to come see one of your shows. From what I read and have seen on your blog, you look very talented. If your in the New York area, I will have to come see you!