Thursday, February 19, 2009


Hi Everyone!

We had a great two days and nights in the beautiful Chicago Theatre.
What a great city!

The shows went really well and we shot some footage for publicity and ourselves.
So keep an eye out for those new numbers on the telly soon!

I slipped last night during the show but am fine and I want to say thanks to everyone for their well wishes. It was in the middle of Ray and Nicky's solos in my number Shenandoah/ Contradiction. I was concentrating on their lovely rhythms going from one to the other at the time before I come in to play when it happened.... but these things can occur and the main thing is the violin, bow and myself are all fine!

We have a day off now before our show tomorrow in another beautiful venue the Fox Theatre in Detroit.
See you there!

Le grá,



  1. Your forum breathed a collective sigh of relief regarding the slip. Glad you're OK. Guess those daily prayers for you helped! Now have a great day off and show in Detroit!

  2. Oh gosh, I was worried when I heard you had slipped a bit! I'm glad you are okay and you (or your precious violin hehehe) didn't get hurt! Be care, Máiréad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;) ;)

    Enjoy your day off! :)

  3. Hello Máiréad,

    I was relieved to hear that you were OK and this was a simple mis-step.

    I wanted to thank you again for a fanastic evening Tuesday night in Chicago and that I got to meet you. You were terrific and a joy to speak with. The new show is fantastic!

    Thanks again and please be safe and travel well.

    PS, I know a certain little girl of mine has your signed CD/DVD under her pillow tonight (THANK YOU!)

  4. Pleased to hear the shows in Chicago went well. I am glad to hear that you (and your violin) are fine after the little stumble you had.

    Have a nice day off.


  5. Hi Mairead! So glad you are fine after your misstep! I thought you probably were, but was very relieved to have that confirmed. It was awesome to see you again! I hope you enjoyed your day off, and Best wishes for the show tonight! Take care.


  6. Hi Mairead,

    I'm so glad to hear you are fine!
    Can't wait to see you in Wilkes Barre! I'm taking my friend to her very first show..she's already pumped to a great degree!

    Hope you are well..and it's not free-ee-zing in it is here.

    Wickie xxxxx

  7. Hey! Im glad your Alright. That First Step is a Doozy isn't it? Have a great day off and have a wonderful night in Detroit!

    Catch you in April.

    Love Ian

  8. Hi Máiréad! I'm glad you (and your violin) are doing well. And I am glad that the tour is off to such a great start. I can't wait to see you all in Pittsburgh in a little over a week.

    Love Sarah

  9. Like everyone else, I'm very happy taht everything is fine, and that show will go on, with it's message of Love and Hope, that lives in every sound:)

    Greetings From The Silver Globe!:)

  10. I saw you in Detroit last night from the 5th row, center. It was awe inspiring. I will never forget it. You are 1000 times more beautiful in person. Thank you for performing for us.

    Nobody should ever ever miss an opportunity to see the show. I know I never will.

  11. Hi Máiréad!

    My family and I saw the show live for the first time in Milwaukee last weekend. We had an amazing time! It is obvious that you all love what you are doing, and truly connect with the audience you are performing for:) My wife is of Irish heritage and her heart was touched by much of the music you performed. My two sons, (13 & 17 yrs old) have been learning about their Irish roots too, through music and you created two lifelong fans that evening for sure! Music plays a tremendous role in my family's lives and your performance showed how music can be a lifelong pursuit providing much happiness and fulfillment. Thank you for sharing your talents and we look forward to seeing you all soon!


  12. Mairead,
    I have seen some pictures taken of you and Lisa, with Rich and members of the Celtic Woman Forum in Chicago a few days ago, and I must tell you how beautiful you looked in that strapless silver colored dress with gold highlights. You are always beautiful, but this would take your breath away.

    I would hope there have been pictures taken of you and of Lisa in those dresses, with the intention of making them available for purchase along with the other Celtic Woman merchandise.

    So glad the slip did not have serious injury. I pray for your health and safety daily.

    See you in Wilkes-Barre in two weeks.