Wednesday, February 25, 2009



Well, it's been a busy few days and we've been to Indianapolis and are now on our second day in Louisville.
The shows are going great and I feel a bit more settled into it now.
My costume have changed to my white on the previous tour and it's a perfect one to move around in!

Indianapolis was great and we got to meet Jesse McCartney after his sound check!
He was playing at the Murat also.
He was so nice and is voice sounded great and so did his band.

He does the voice of Terence in Tinker Bell too!

Our Production Manager Scotty Ross knows Nando and Dave from the band from the Hilary Duff tours. They were playing great.

We are now on our second day in Louisville.
There was a really nice feel from the show last night and we got to meet lovely people afterwards.
There are some lovely foodie spots here and hopefully will get a chance later to try one of them out.
Looking forward to the show tonight and then it's on to Columbus.

See you soon!

Le grá,



  1. Mairead, glad to hear things are going so well. You had us a little worried with your fall. :)
    Break a leg tonight, and I'll see you in red Rocks in July!

  2. I've often wondered how a performer can go night after night like you do! In my one mind I think 'that's got to get old after awhile!' But then I come to your show and watch you and WoW! I think 'to have that much talent - it can never get old!'

    We are anxiously waiting in TEXAS!

  3. Good to hear you're settling in the new show a bit more now! Sounds like you guys have had a great few days! Jesse is cool. His songs are always on the radio here.

    Have fun trying out the "foodie spots." ;) I personally love eating so I'm a big fan of trying out the local fare in whatever city I'm in, haha. Enjoy!!!

    See you soon. :)


  4. Aww! Thank you so much Mairead for taking time out of your busy schedule to keep us updated! Have a wonderful day and concert tonight!

  5. Salut Máiréad!!
    Je m'appelle Breno,je suis brésilien e je ne parles pas du tout l'anglais! Pour ça j'écris en français haha

    Juste pour te dire que je t'adoooooooooreeee et que les fans brésiliens attendet un concert de Celtic Woman ici au Brésil!
    Le mois prochain il y aura un festival appellé "Cara Irlanda", en parlent sur l'Irlande; la culture, literature, musique...
    Ce serait merveilleux si vous étiez ici :P


    On t'aime!! =)

  6. Hello Máiréad,

    I really enjoyed Tuesday night's show in Louisville.

    As always you were FANTASTIC!

    Please be safe and travel well.


  7. I've just got home from the 2nd night's show in Louisville. Amazing solos!!!! I was crying the whole time from happiness. Thank you ever so much for the wonderful experience.


  8. Wonderful to hear from you, Máiréad! Good to hear you're getting more settled into the new show. Have a blast in Columbus tomorrow night! Take care!


  9. Wonderful to be able to see you both nights in Louisville (from front row seats, no less!) and to meet you at the M&G Wednesday night. Thank you for signing so much for me and other of your forum members! You'll find us cheering you on everywhere!

    John Mann

  10. Good day to you Mairead,

    My wife Becky, two sons Kevin and Johnnie and myself are all looking forward to seeing you and the other Celtic Women preform on Tuesday in Pittsburgh. Me and my wife have been to three other shows and one meet and greet last year. We met Orla and Lynn and enjoyed seeing them so much. They were so sweet and wonderful to talk to. This year we are hoping to meet either you and Lisa or you and Chloe we just love seeing all the shows and watching you on DVD. Well you can't miss us we'll be third row center all in green and clapping the loudest and cheering the hardest of all. P.S. have a great show. Celtic Kenny

  11. Yes I must agree the two performances in Louisville were great. I was so blessed to attend both and front row seats for second night. The standing ovation the second night throughout the whole song was heart warming. You all desire the best as that is what you give to us. Being up close I could see the appreciation in all your actions, i.e., squeezing of hands, etc. that you were well appreciated. You all give 110% and thank you for your performances. Just sorry I didn't know there was even a M&G as I would love to meet you all. I did see see you all in Dublin airport end of May 2007 and within inches. Spoke to Orla that day.

    Murray Walker

  12. Mairead,
    I saw the show at Red Rocks last night and it never ceases to amaze me how you can move and play at the same time without doing some serious injury to yourself.

    I would like you all to know that you all are absolutely part of our families and you can call the US your second home anytime. Y'all are always welcome.

    I just loved the new show and the new songs and the addition of Alex and Lynn. I found myself tearing up several times. Isle of Hope, Isle of Tears, O'America and You Raise Me Up, made me think of my beautiful Irish Mother who I wish had been alive to see and hear you. Her grandmother played the pipes and the fiddle and could even dance a jig or two.

    Anyway, I hope you and the girls get some much needed rest and relaxation before it starts all over again. Thank you for an incredible night.